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Recent content by The Kitchen Gamer

  1. The Kitchen Gamer

    YouTube Question Should I change my channel name?

    You can change it put I'd say you could shorten it down. eg R&M Adventures That's my two cents and just remember when you hit triple digits you can have a custom url for your youtube channel (if I recall correctly)
  2. The Kitchen Gamer

    Question lifestyle by gogo

    Can you please elaborate a bit more in regards to what your referring to.
  3. The Kitchen Gamer

    Subscriber Milestone Thank you

    Well done that's really good
  4. The Kitchen Gamer

    YouTube Tips How Do I Get Seen On YouTube?

    This was really good @Stanley OrchardBuddy lots to take in and I in particular enjoyed the chocolate chip cookie example but overall good points and lots to work through.
  5. The Kitchen Gamer

    Need Advice Growing channel

    This is the most common question but there is no straight answer. The only advice which can be given is time, high quality content, SEO optimization and the list can go on. This video should help as well from TubeBuddy. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkxpTrhatL4 3 Top Tips from...
  6. The Kitchen Gamer

    YouTube Help How to be recognized

    Welcome, it's very hard to get recognized but the thing to remember is that YouTube is a marathon not a sprint so that means doing high quality content and making it engaging along with constant. It's also okay to take breaks and that overall everyone's journey on YT is different some take a...
  7. The Kitchen Gamer

    Question How to upgrade?

    The thing to remember with YouTube is that it's a marathon not a sprint. In regards to getting an upgrade you'll have to either contact the support team, look at the affiliate program as well.
  8. The Kitchen Gamer


    I would recommend not advertising at this stage since you are doing well at the moment but I'd say work on SEO, high quality content etc. One thing that I noticed when I looked at your keywords for a few videos is that your keywords as hashtags and that's hampering search ability as people...
  9. The Kitchen Gamer

    Let's count to 10,000 :D

  10. The Kitchen Gamer

    Subscriber Milestone Only 15 away from triple digits

    Well I've made it to 85 and I'm feeling excited with being close to 100 and each small milestone like this is massive and for everyone who's started out of hit a plateau just continue creating content you'll get there.
  11. The Kitchen Gamer

    YouTube Question Gaining More Attention

    The first thing you've got to look at is reaching out and posting your content on places like here, reddit, facebook groups etc This video from TubeBuddy does help heaps View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkxpTrhatL4 . You've also got work on thumbnails, SEO, high quality content etc so it's...
  12. The Kitchen Gamer

    This is so stupidly simple to make

    This week we've baking up something a little bit fancy and it's scones so sit back grab that cup of tea and enjoy. I'd love to know how you have your scones or what type you like in the comments bellow. View...
  13. The Kitchen Gamer

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    This week we've baking up something a little bit fancy and it's scones so sit back grab that cup of tea and enjoy. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eMu8Tfy5h0&list=PLx0fX_2Yk7u6kU6FTs54UHV2wrbFzt_n-&index=10
  14. The Kitchen Gamer

    Other Milestone I got 95,000 Views

    Very well done that's amazing.