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Recent content by Lavender

  1. Lavender

    How-To Channel Recreating outfits or How to Style Videos

    like your ideas. and have also subscribed to your channel.
  2. Lavender

    Vlog Channel PrinCereno TV

    all the best
  3. Lavender

    Music Channel Samantha melodies, kalenjin secular music artist.

    User name: Lavender Title of introduction: Samantha melodies, kalenjin secular music artist. Your name/ Alias: Samantha Melodies Where are you from? Kenya How did you find TubeBuddy? from a friend What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? Interaction purposes and learn more stuff about...
  4. Lavender

    Channel Milestone Feeling Happy!! 3M views and 17K Subscribers

    happy for you am till below 1500 subs.
  5. Lavender

    Need Advice Why am I getting no traffic?

    with time it will grow a long as you do all that is required.
  6. Lavender

    Need Advice not getting any view or subs

    make your videos interesting and also work on your channel description and other channel customization from your youtube studio.
  7. Lavender

    Need Advice Not getting enough views

    make your videos more interesting.
  8. Lavender

    Need Advice Getting views but no subscribers

    in your video description request that viewers do subscribe to your channel by clicking on the subscription button. also, you can add the subscription icon to your videos through the customization page on your youtube studio.
  9. Lavender

    Answered Keyword Explorer may be inaccurate

    i think it depends with location, coz I cant use keywords like Mr beast and expect traffic to my channel.
  10. Lavender

    YouTube Question How often do YOU upload SHORT video?

    once you have reached your video target view numbers. if your target is 10k per video then the next video is good to go
  11. Lavender

    YouTube Question How often should you post YouTube videos on your channel?

    as often as you can if possible. though if your subjects on contentment are in series like a book description then periodical uploading is best.