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    Question Typical YouTube Videos

    I would just write random words to search and then filter the most viewed ones. When I find something interesting, I would start writing the humor version of it. :P
  2. MrSorbias

    Comment William TubeBuddy come back to Firefox?

    Sorry. I tried to find correct category but found only this. But thanks for the info. :)
  3. MrSorbias

    Question Typical YouTube Videos

    I think it's not most typical, but most viewed videos you should be planning to parodice. Let's say that the most typical video on youtube would be something where an user uploads a video of their cat and in the video there happens literally almost nothing. Average amount of views that kind of...
  4. MrSorbias

    Comment William TubeBuddy come back to Firefox?

    I today tried to install it to FF, cause I am planning to start using Firefox only. I found out that you have an addon page on mozilla: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tubebuddy-plugin/ but I wasn't able to download it, so it seems that support has been removed?
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    Suggested See all comments by particular user across all videos on our channel.

    It's nice, tho it might be against Youtube TOS. They don't even allow searching with google the comments from some user.
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    Question Where do you all find background music?

    I've actually during my youtube career checked maybe all the best music sources from the internet. Let's paste few more links here: If you need real high-quality/professional songs, the best place is this. Includes all kind of styles from classical singing to metal: https://zero-project.gr/...
  7. MrSorbias

    Question Where do you all find background music?

    I don't like Soundcloud myself, cause the service is itself making a lot of copyright infringements. I used to download songs from there, but then I learned that people might just make a "remix" of some songs and then just license it as CC-BY. That will lead me to have copyright notification.
  8. MrSorbias

    Question Where do you all find background music?

    https://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/music.html https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music/funky-groove This guy shared all of his songs for free (cc by) use https://www.soundclick.com/_mobileFrame.cfm?bandID=1277008
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    Question Copyright claim

    Those happen quite often with random songs. If you are 100% sure that you have rights to use the song you have there, then you can just add counterclaim to fix it and typically it will be fixed in a few days. But make sure that the program you are using to create the songs allows you to use the...
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    Question What about video preview?

    It has no effect on my channel. But I bet there is no trick to "beat" it. It just is and you can overcome it by targetting something really interesting for the first minutes of your video that triggers people to wanna see more.
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    Channel Review Started a new channel for adventures and exploring videos

    Thank you for your review. :) I think the mobile phone probably had some stabilizing setting on, which might've caused the effect you are talking. I disabled it now from the app, so in the future, there should not be that. I was planning to start talking also, at least little on the videos...
  12. MrSorbias

    Video Review Would love any input on my video

    I think the idea is funny. I've not myself been following football at all (I live in ice hockey country) but I think the concept seems to be working and I believe it has potential. It's hard for me to give focused criticism to this because I don't know what sports fans find most interesting...
  13. MrSorbias

    Channel Review Review of Channel and General videos

    I think your channel is perfect for someone who is into electric cars. It also seems that your content is very good for the target audience. People are commenting much and asking questions and being positive in the comments, that is really nice. So I suggest you to keep going and trying to find...
  14. MrSorbias

    Channel Review Started a new channel for adventures and exploring videos

    Hi! I realized that my 3D-modeling channel is growing (relatively) slowly if I compare it to other similar channels and yet it still takes very much of my time and effort to make videos for the main channel, so I decided to start another channel to test how green the grass is on the other side...
  15. MrSorbias

    Question Where are you from?

    Finland. :)