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Recent content by gashton34

  1. gashton34

    TubeBuddy Suggestion One-click Optimisation Check

    Wouldn't it be great to click a button and have TubeBuddy tell you which of your videos are missing cards, end screens, don't have enough tags and all the other optimisations that are recommended? Currently, we have to go through every video individually to find this out.
  2. gashton34

    YouTube Question Starting a new niche

    Thanks for your thoughts Damon. I kinda know this I think deep down. I suppose I can just shoot new content which is simply an updated version of all the old content that's doing well. It's going to be hard to 'not' upload it to the main channel though. ‍♂️
  3. gashton34

    YouTube Question Starting a new niche

    My channel is about 16 months and doing reasonably well (just approaching 4K) although not steller. My question is this: I want to start a new channel which focuses on one particular topic that gets me the most views on my main channel (without shutting my main channel down). Would I be able to...