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  1. Rafat Rifaie

    Suggested Change CARD TEMPLATE to be based on percentage instead of actual timestamp

    Weird, i thought it the card placement was always relative.
  2. Rafat Rifaie

    Declined Demonetization Alert []

    @Phil Maybe @Andrew can help if his channel is monetized :-)
  3. Rafat Rifaie

    Declined Demonetization Alert []

    I hear what you're saying nate, but not everyone [especially bigger youtubers] has the time to keep refreshing the my_videos page , especially for newer uploads where you get the bulk of views in the first hours. The sooner you know, the faster you appeal, the better. I agree with you on that...
  4. Rafat Rifaie

    Declined Demonetization Alert []

    I heard it isn't out of the ordinary for youtube to demonetize your videos though they've been approved, after some time of making them public. For bigger youtubers, such a feature would be vital! If it's possible to do this on the tubebuddy servers it's great, and even if it isn't i'm sure...
  5. Rafat Rifaie

    Suggested Save Comment As PNG - Comment Screenshot

    But even with that, you'd have to manually save the screenshot and give it a name. I was thinking maybe a Screenshotter where it doesn't take an exact screenshot of a comment, but uses a template and fills out the name/profile picture and text of the comment, and it includes perhaps the video...
  6. Rafat Rifaie

    Suggested Save Comment As PNG - Comment Screenshot

    Would be extremely helpful for those youtubers, who have to manually screenshot comments to use in their q&a types of videos.
  7. Rafat Rifaie

    Suggested Bulk Update Type of Video Endscreen Element to (Most recent upload / Best for viewer)

    Where you specify the url of the specific video you want as the element
  8. Rafat Rifaie

    Suggested Bulk Update Type of Video Endscreen Element to (Most recent upload / Best for viewer)

    Problem is you lose all static video elements, that have a manual video id. Wish there was an option to update the 1st video element to Most Recent Upload, keeping all other elements untouched
  9. Rafat Rifaie

    Suggested Video Tags Appear

    @Andrew I think what he's trying to do, is highlight video tags that are used in the description.
  10. Rafat Rifaie

    Suggested Bulk Update Type of Video Endscreen Element to (Most recent upload / Best for viewer)

    The ability to bulk change a video endscreen element in all videos from a static video url to (Most recent upload / Best for viewer). This could work by either 1- Having an option to select the position of the endscreen i'd like to change the type of [I can choose top, bottom, left, or right]...
  11. Rafat Rifaie

    Suggested Bulk Editing pinned comments

    I once suggested this, but i think it got rejected due to fair this would be considered spam if i remember correctly.
  12. Rafat Rifaie

    Declined Bulk Find/Replace/Append my comments across all my videos || and Comment Pinner

    I noticed that many YouTubers are promoting their social links (ex. Twitter), or latest videos, in the comment section of YouTube. I think that's a really good promoting strategy, and especially when you pin those comments. Γ£û Bulk Edit Tool: ΓùÅ Bulk append text to the comments. ΓùÅ Bulk...
  13. Rafat Rifaie

    In Progress My TubeBuddy Annotations do not work

    Can you post a screenshot?
  14. Rafat Rifaie

    In Progress Bulk Prepend Text in Descriptions Error?

    @BGH Music I hope you get the issue resolved. I have an off topic question. How were you able to select multiple video categories on a single video. Is it an ability Scalelab gives?
  15. Rafat Rifaie

    Affiliate Strategies TubeBuddy Tricks for Pateron Users!

    Yes you are only allowed to bulk copy to 1 video using your free license, but i think you could be eligible for a 1 month free Star license upgrade, if you haven't gotten one before. You can ask @Andrew