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Recent content by AnnysKoreanLife

  1. AnnysKoreanLife

    Vlog Channel Extreme Prankster

    Wow! Happy to see another couple YouTuber! Let's grow together :) Welcome to the forum!
  2. AnnysKoreanLife

    Gaming Channel A nice guy with big dreams who's willing to fight for it

    Hello! Nice channel you have there! Cheers for your dream! Welcome to the forum :)
  3. AnnysKoreanLife

    Gaming Channel Gamers, Vlogger, Music and ect...

    Hi there! Welcome to the forum :) We love games too! (Mostly PS4)
  4. AnnysKoreanLife

    Music Channel I love to write songs and inspire people!

    Wow, we are amazed by the songs you made. Keep on the good work! Welcome to the forum :)
  5. AnnysKoreanLife

    Gaming Channel im from indonesia, i hope i can make new friends in here, im 19 YO. thank you

    Hello~! PlayStation 4 Pro owner here too! Happy to know you :)
  6. AnnysKoreanLife

    Vlog Channel Vlogger

    Nice to know you! I will look forward to see your amazing videos~! :)
  7. AnnysKoreanLife

    Comedy Channel introduction

    Wow... You have an amazing channel there! Happy to know you! Welcome to the forum :)
  8. AnnysKoreanLife

    How-To Channel YouTube

    Hello from Korea~! Nice to know you :)
  9. AnnysKoreanLife

    Subscriber Milestone I really happy for i gain 4k subscribers

    Wow, that's a big milestone! Congratulation :blush:
  10. AnnysKoreanLife

    Channel Review Insert compelling title here xD.....Please help me take my content to the next level

    Wow! The excellent channel you got there! I was amazed by all the thumbnails. You make your fonts clear, easy to read, and the best thing is that you clearly show the logo of a game you play. They will hold the audience's eyes and make them read your title. I also liked your intro. Looks fancy...