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  1. likeshigh

    Need Advice Fool YT, get my Thumbnail

    You can't escape YouTube's algorithm. If you want to get huge traffic on your channel and video then make an attractive and unique thumbnail. It grows your channel visibility among your audience.
  2. likeshigh


    To increase your video views in a short time then, you can Create great content for your video. Your video title should be attractive. Make an eye-catching thumbnail. Promote your video on top social media sites. Encourage your audience to subscribe to your channel.
  3. likeshigh

    TubeBuddy How did you find us at Tubebuddy?

    I agree with your suggestion. Tubebuddy has many features that can makes your video popular among your targeted adueince.
  4. likeshigh

    Thumbnail Feedback Thumbnail

    Photoshop is a good one to make a YouTube thumbnail. Here you can design a unique thumbnail for your video.
  5. likeshigh

    YouTube Help 4000 Watchtime means how much views

    If your video length is 60 minute then your video get 4000 watch time. So there's going to be some all kinds of watchers in it within 0-60 minutes. Some must have seen the whole video, some have seen 5 minutes. So YouTube counts the total watching time minute.
  6. likeshigh

    YouTube Help Should i change my channel's name?

    Channel name is the identity of your channel. Audience search and visit your channel to your channel name. Do not change your channel name. You can create new channel.
  7. likeshigh

    YouTube Question Why did you start a YouTube Channel?

    I want to be popular in front of the world. I won't make a sensation on YouTube and earn lots of money every month. I want people to recognize me as a celebrity.
  8. likeshigh

    YouTube Tips Long or short intros?

    I think a short intro is a better way to your YouTube channel. your intro should be 15to 20 seconds long.
  9. likeshigh

    YouTube Help 3 Reasons Why you're NOT getting views from YouTube search.

    Very good tips explain through a video which is very beneficial for all to us. Your information will help in driving traffic to YouTube video and make your video more visible on search engines.
  10. likeshigh

    Instagram What is the best social media that helps to grow a youtube channel?

    Facebook is the best social media platform that increases your YouTube channel instantly. People from all over the world use Facebook, Facebook has huge traffic.
  11. likeshigh

    Video Review I'd like a review / criticism on my video

    This is an intresting video. I enjoy this video.
  12. likeshigh

    YouTube Question Help with reaching monitisation goals

    Make your video informative and intresting. Share your video URL on social media platforms to get more views and subscribers.