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Recent content by MrMisterXXL

  1. MrMisterXXL

    Thumbnail Feedback Feedback on Thumbnail Please

    It looks very good, because it´s very clean. I like the white border of the mic, because it has a nice glow. Also the text is very simple, it looks very good. But I would give you 2 suggesttions: 1. Reduce the size of the text with the boxes 2. Increase the size of the mic with the border
  2. MrMisterXXL

    Thumbnail Feedback Guys, from below which one is click-worthy or good looking?

    I would click the first, because there is a small text, that shows whats the content of the video. ALso it´s a nice, cool background. One suggestion from me: Make the background of the thumbnail a liitle bit darker, it will look better.
  3. MrMisterXXL

    Thumbnail Feedback Your Opinion on my Thumbnail please

    Thats´s a very good and catchy thumbnail.But I have also some suggestions: 1. Remove the text: Annies Sleeping ASMR 2. Make the text CLOSE UP FOR YOU a little bit bigger
  4. MrMisterXXL

    Thumbnail Feedback Would u click this thumbnail ? Is it good?

    Hi, I want to say I wouldnt klick on this thumbnail, because its too confusing. I would change the bar colours to grey or another dark color. Then I would remove the Like and the Subscribe picture (thats not good on a thumbnail). Also I would remove all textes and make a big text with your main...
  5. MrMisterXXL

    Thumbnail Feedback Feedback on this thumbnail pls

    I would make the whtite bars between the pictures a bit darker. Also I would make the text smaller, because the text is cutt of. That are the 2 things I would change. I hope my suggestions can help you.
  6. MrMisterXXL

    Thumbnail Feedback Any Feedback? (UPDATED)

    Your Thumbnail is great but I would add a better background than only a black image. You can search for copyright free dark images in the internet. Also I would change the text font, maybe to Lilita One. Hope I can help you :D
  7. MrMisterXXL

    Let's count to 10,000 :D

  8. MrMisterXXL

    Let's count to 10,000 :D