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Recent content by charandperry

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    Does anyone know of any websites for non-copyright music?

    Okay I've never had a problem with Bensound it's just that I've been using the same 2 times for years and wondered if there was anything different?
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    YouTube Opinion How to be active in Youtube?

    This is hard for travel channels to have a bulk of videos to be released. As we upload weekly to try not to prevent gaps of no videos being uploaded but it can be hard!
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    Does anyone know of any websites for non-copyright music?

    I use Bensound already but I've been using there music for years and fancy a change!
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    Vlog Channel I'm Em and my channel is Yeye Vlogs - a silent (and hopefully relaxing) vlog about my life in Canada.

    Hi Em! Just subscribed to your channel I love your style and your thumbnails are good. Keep it up :)
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    YouTube Help How often should I upload to get more people to come to my channel?

    We are a travel channel and we upload once a week so we don't burnout of content to post. Also it depends on your audience too! If views on your channel is quiet you may need to post more frequently :)
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    Thumbnail Feedback Is this really uninviting?

    I wouldn't say the thumbnail is uninviting, it looks good how it is. One tip I would make the box around the word "the best watches for Dad" the same as the section below!
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    YouTube Question When did you start an email address for your channel?

    Thanks for your replies the pair of you :)
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    YouTube Question When did you start an email address for your channel?

    Hey, we see some channels have an email address for their channel. Would you say to create one or not?
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    Need Advice Getting views but no subscribers

    We have about 167 subscribers at the moment and our views vary on our channel. We get some videos that pop and get really good views then some don't. YouTube is random but I promise you'll get there :)
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    Need Advice How do I keep a consistent schedule?

    We upload weekly on our channel and normally edit them the day before and upload the following day
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    YouTube Question How do you get your first subscribers

    Keep posting videos but maybe try to promote your channel through twitter and instagram?
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    Channel Banner Feedback feedback on my new banner

    I agree put the utensils in the centre more then it would be perfect :)
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    YouTube Question When did you start seeing when your viewers are active?

    We was curious as currently we upload our videos once a week at 5pm, but we wanted to ideally upload when we can see our channel gets the most views?
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    YouTube Question Video Uploads Consistency

    We try to upload once a week so we put out there 4 videos a month. But sometimes it can be less than that depending on finding time to edit around our full time jobs
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    Community Channel Hi I am new here in TubeBuddy

    Hey, welcome! Unfortunately we are unable to view your channel :confused: