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Recent content by LFH

  1. LFH

    Video Review I would like a video review on my first youtube template video

    Wow, thank you so much. I realised that was the problem so I will do that.
  2. LFH

    Food Steak temp?

    Hmmm...Okay I just might. Thanks
  3. LFH

    Food Steak temp?

    I just dont wanna see any blood or pink. Well done please.
  4. LFH

    Food What's everyone's favorite snack

    Not my favourite snack but my favourite chocolate. It is the total package.
  5. LFH

    Food What's everyone's favorite snack

    Plantain chips. You fry thinly sliced green plantains and add some salt then boom. Tasty snack.
  6. LFH

    Life What do you guys do for a living?!

    I just finished college and want to also do youtube as a career. I have nack up plans or should i say additional plans for success. Also aiming for 100 subs right now. Im at 50.
  7. LFH

    Other You a cat person or a dog person?

    I like both they each have their pros and cons
  8. LFH

    Music What are you listening to?

    Im listening to an audible book called Fervent.
  9. LFH

    Food German food: sausage or cake?

    Cake is great:heart:
  10. LFH

    Life Kids

    I just stopped being a kid so im adulting and its going pretty well so far.
  11. LFH


    Today is a monday and a whole new year but thats fine. Hope you have a great year and anyone else who sees this.
  12. LFH

    Other Where are you from??

    Im from the caribbean
  13. LFH

    Life Have you learnt any new skills during the lockdown ?

    I learnt how to swim got stung by jellyfish a bunch of times but was great.