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Recent content by The Nova Chronicles

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    Question Cannot attatch screenshot

    Ok 1st method does not work second one works tnx
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    Two Truths and a Lie Game

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    Entertainment Channel Open to any type of collaboration

    User name: The Nova Chronicles Title: Open to any type of collaboration Age: 22 Type of collaboration: Open to any kind of collaboration my channel is still very small yes i know But go check it out and if you like the content and we can do a collab cool! Amount of Subscribers: ≤8 Ways to...
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    Two Truths and a Lie Game

    Ive broken both my legs and arms a week apart I have one of the jobs with the highest suicide statistics I owned 4 cars before i was 20
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    Forum Game: Yes, No or Maybe?

    Running water At least with electricity you can pump water Is your house under police surveillance just on Tuesdays? :p :laughing::laughing: Only yes no or maby!!
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    The forever truth

    No ways Do you get scared when the lights go off at night when you are alone at your home?
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    Let's make a never ending "Forum Sandwich!"

    Browned onion fried in ghost pepper
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    Smash the Keyboard

    Some xeroradiography can visualize Doubt some xenotransplants cope URGCM WIDN
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    How many words can you think of that start with 'X' and ends with 'E'

    Xenophobe Xylophone Xenophile Xerophyte Xeriscape Xerophile Xylidine Xanthene Xanthone Xenotime Xanthate
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    Who Can Post Last?

    Last :laughing::grinning::party: