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Recent content by MattCommand1

  1. MattCommand1

    YouTube Question Question about playlist URL and new @pagename

    The URL for playlists are unique gibberish and similar to file names for Youtube videos. That is intentional because with hundreds of millions of users, people would step on everyone's toes trying to find unique URL names.
  2. MattCommand1

    Declined Something a bit more affordable for smaller channels!

    You don't need Legend to translate your videos into other languages. It is free from within Youtube to convert the Closed Captioning to any language you want. I do it all the time and translate to 10 languages.. What Legend does is to translate the title and descriptions. But you could probably...
  3. MattCommand1

    YouTube Resources The BEST Ways to Take Advantage of your Community Tab RIGHT NOW!

    Awesome! Good stuff you are doing! Thanks for sharing! I will certainly take your comments to heart and do a better job on my own channel.
  4. MattCommand1

    YouTube Tips Strategy Moving Forward

    Depending on your positions on these different issues, you may end up being a political channel which attract some huge views. A political channel with a particular leaning covers a wide variety of topics you listed. Or you may cover national or world affairs. That is a niche of sorts that is...
  5. MattCommand1

    Need Advice YouTube ads to promote videos?

    Anthony, I must say that I am impressed with your channel. Clearly you are doing something (or many things) right. I noticed you seem to be targeting a more sophisticated business audience based on the titles I saw. They appear to be resonating with your audience based on the impressive view...
  6. MattCommand1

    YouTube Question Question abot priority of shorts for NEW YouTube creators ......

    I respect Nate a lot. I enjoy his insights and creativity. Shorts is here to stay and most creators should dip their toes in the water to get some experience to get some options. I think it requires skill and talent to make really good Shorts but I am not convinced that it is "harmful" to...
  7. MattCommand1

    Need Advice Thinking Of Deleting & Re-Editing Everything.

    How old and how big is your channel? You are giving the impression that you have a small channel to have these alleged harassers impact you with dislikes. How many dislikes are you getting on a video? As far as I know, "dislikes" don't really hurt your channel. They just hurt people's feelings...
  8. MattCommand1

    YouTube Tips Reasons to Classify and "Private" Videos from Your Library

    I thought the people who have over 100 videos might be interested in this video by Nate Black of Channelmakers. He explains his perspective to classify videos but also to "Private" certain videos that don't serve you. As you journey forward, you might have some oddball videos that might not...
  9. MattCommand1

    YouTube Help potentially suspended - Is Youtube corrupt?

    As a general statement, people who decide to make content for kids are in for a much tougher environment to operate in. Too many esoteric rules & interpretations to navigate as you are experiencing. I know some people make a lot of money catering to kids. But having anyone that is a minor viewer...
  10. MattCommand1

    YouTube Help How to un freez YouTube channel

    My first question is: what kind of content are you posting? YOUR content or someone else's? The fact that you think that a copyright strike is "nothing much" might be a clue to why you are having problems. You get copyright strikes when you post other people's content. If data is being...
  11. MattCommand1

    YouTube Resources The BEST Ways to Take Advantage of your Community Tab RIGHT NOW!

    I don't see many CP's on my feed. However, I definitely see them from time to time. I googled to find out if non-subscribers can see CP's and someone on reddit claimed they are shared with non-subscribers. I seem to remember a fringe discussion some time ago who allegedly built up their...
  12. MattCommand1

    YouTube Resources The BEST Ways to Take Advantage of your Community Tab RIGHT NOW!

    Stanley, Great post as always. I wanted to read what you had to say about Community Posts. Slowly, I have been using Community Posts to put out content and updates that don't necessarily require an entire video or even a Shorts video. As you said, I will probably share some personal stuff...
  13. MattCommand1

    YouTube Question Have you had your channel handle yet ?

    I have been forced into sticking a number at the end also as the easiest solution. You might prefer a single-digit number instead of a double-dgit if you are forced into it. "@dronepilot1" for example.
  14. MattCommand1

    Other Social Media Creative Independence in the Age of Algorithms.

    I certainly believe that "working harder" is not enough as a creator. You plateau out or you only get incremental growth if we just grind out the same thing. I believe have to be "smarter" and be more "creative" otherwise the grinding is pointless. But that clearly that means something very...
  15. MattCommand1

    Need Advice Talking about subscriber goals

    You make good content for an extended period of time in a niche that you and other people are interested in. You constantly learn and evolve and "earn" subscribers. There is a lot to learn to earn 1K subscribers. It starts by committing to making at least 50-100 videos and learning & improving...