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Recent content by HowIDoThingsDIY

  1. HowIDoThingsDIY

    YouTube Question Create a new channel. How long before I should even care about YouTube analytics?

    Hey everyone. I'm just checking back in. Its bee a little over a 2 months, I have 18 videos, just over 22K views, 1800 watch hours and 406 subscribers. I've had some luck with a few of my videos but I'm still not getting a good number of subs per day. But I'm sticking with it. The analytics...
  2. HowIDoThingsDIY

    How-To Channel Looking to collaborate with DIY/Home Improvement/Woodworking

    I just sent you an email. Yes, I'd like to discuss potential collaboration.
  3. HowIDoThingsDIY

    Need Advice How do you drive traffic to your channel?

    I'm primarily using a related forum, Facebook, and Instructables.
  4. HowIDoThingsDIY

    Need Advice Our impressions and click rates suck! What do we do?

    For impressions, improve you SEO and tags. Better primary key words and use it in the descriptions. Then get your tags optimized with TubeBuddy. For CTR, have a high quality captivating thumbnail and description.
  5. HowIDoThingsDIY

    Need Advice Should I delete my old videos?

    If you think they are hurting your brand, then I would delete them.
  6. HowIDoThingsDIY

    Need Advice Uploading frequency

    I pushed hard to get 10 videos uploaded so I had a nice base. Then I moved to 1 video per week.
  7. HowIDoThingsDIY

    YouTube Tips 'Made for Kids' versus 'Not Made for Kids'.

    My interpretation is unless you are making specifically for kids, its not made for kids.
  8. HowIDoThingsDIY

    Need Advice Tips on how to have quality YouTube videos.

    HD video, get a microphone or do more voice over with a microphone, get good editing software and learn to use it. Also look at other videos you think are high quality and figure out why.
  9. HowIDoThingsDIY

    Need Advice Has anyone every used Google Ads?

    I have an add running right now, but I'm not impressed. You have to promote on forums, Facebook, Instructables...etc.
  10. HowIDoThingsDIY

    YouTube Tips Reddit Instructables

    I have recently had some great success by making quality Instructables of some of my How-To videos. I include a link to my YouTube video. Traffic has almost doubled. Give it a try!
  11. HowIDoThingsDIY

    Need Advice Posting at a specific hour, does that matter?

    I'm trying to get on a regular posting schedule and I need to figure out when my audience is watching as well. I think it's best to post your video a few hours before "prime time".
  12. HowIDoThingsDIY

    YouTube Tips This Simple Trick Can DOUBLE Your Keyword Ranks!

    Great tips! I'm working on this now.
  13. HowIDoThingsDIY

    Need Advice I'm using recommended tags but I am still not ranking high in search.

    I used rapid tags just as a base. Then optimize with TubeBuddy. Be sure you SEO is 100%.
  14. HowIDoThingsDIY

    Need Advice What is a good audience retention percentage?

    My videos are usually just over 10 min and I shoot for 50%.