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Recent content by HenryBR

  1. HenryBR

    Motivational Quotes From Sylvester Stallone

    View: https://youtu.be/m1lqN0WU6SE
  2. HenryBR

    Thumbnail Feedback Any Feedback? (UPDATED)

    I decided to redo my thumbail. Any thoughts on the new and improved version???
  3. HenryBR

    Motivational Quotes From Sylvester Stallone

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZvavrT-Mn4
  4. HenryBR

    Thumbnail Feedback Please Kindly Review My Thumbnails (Finance Channel)

    In regards to your first thumbnail I would suggest increasing the font size of all of your text. The other two are great as is. Great job!
  5. HenryBR

    Thumbnail Feedback Your Opinion on my Thumbnail please

    Very appealing looking thumbnail. Though I would suggest increasing the font size of all of your text.
  6. HenryBR

    Editing Software Best Video Editing software/apps

    Shotcut is a great one. Very simple and easy to use. And the best thing about it is that it is free.
  7. HenryBR

    Vlog Channel I am an ordinary vlogger from the Philippines.

    I hope you enjoy being part of the TubeBuddy Forums. Welcome!
  8. HenryBR

    Music Channel Meditation Music

    Hi there and welcome to the forums.
  9. HenryBR

    Thumbnail Feedback Key point to make a thumbnails

    Great question. First off, I always abide by the rule that you should never have text of a bright color overlaying a background of a bright color. Or a text of a dark color overlaying a background of a dark color. Secondly, the font style of your text should always be legible to viewers...
  10. HenryBR

    Subscriber Milestone Going slow

    It's all about trusting the process. Though I will say that it is never a guarantee that every channel will succeed(depends on what you consider a successful YouTube Channel) in the YouTube community but it's not something to get so hung up on. Just do your thing. And whether or not more people...
  11. HenryBR

    Gaming What is the scariest game you've played?

    Outlast is definitely one of the scariest. I'd also add Amnesia the list of recommended horror games. I haven't yet played Song of Horror but i'll probably give it a go.
  12. HenryBR

    Thumbnail Feedback Feedback on Latest Vlog Thumbnail

    Very clean looking thumbnail. But I suggest choosing a different font style for the text "Swishwilly and Disney". Or just making it larger and bold. The text was too small and a little hard to read. I get you want to give it a pretty looking feel. But at the cost of someone not being able to...
  13. HenryBR

    Thumbnail Feedback Feedback on Thumbnail Please

    Very professional looking thumbnail. I would leave it as is.
  14. HenryBR

    Thumbnail Feedback Is this Clickable enough guys? It's for the Game Outriders

    Looks very clean. Your text and image are clear. Good work.
  15. HenryBR

    Thumbnail Feedback Would You Click On This Thumbnail

    I suggest you have your text overlay the images. It also comes off blurry. So perhaps try to clear that up. Other than that you good man.