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Recent content by Damoforce

  1. Damoforce

    Thumbnail Feedback Please advice about my thumbnails.

    I would pick 1 or two fonts and stay with that. Colours even as well. Just to keep it uniform. And when you're taking the thumbnail image. Try and keep them somewhat uniform if in a controlled environment :)
  2. Damoforce

    Shorts Sort Of Working!! Mi Goreng

    Been playing with shorts more and more. They are slowly working and now not even having to add the # View: https://youtu.be/KFPoYp5l-bc
  3. Damoforce

    YouTube Help YouTube thumbnail

    Def add some bold text to stand out and maybe try and keep the colours and photos sort of the same ish joshua weissman is an example
  4. Damoforce

    YouTube Help What count as shorts

    59.99 secs, 9:16 and that's it. I'm finding some video I don't add anything #shorts or anything to do with it and it still goes there. It's like YouTube is getting better at picking this up
  5. Damoforce

    YouTube Question How do you get your first subscribers

    Just keep posting, if you're trying to get people over to your YouTube maybe cross promote from Facebook gaming, or a facebook page.
  6. Damoforce

    YouTube Question Research

    An idea and how to execute it. Time for doing this too. Like for me, I have plenty of ideas at time. But fall down with executing it right
  7. Damoforce

    Instagram What is the best social media that helps to grow a youtube channel?

    Yeah, if it's something that's relatable to the community you're sharing it in they'll have a look. I have 30K on IG, the cross over is like 0
  8. Damoforce

    Community Thumbnail choices

    Honestly not really. But maybe a little. When I did it I also paired it with better keywords and SEO titles and the first 3 lines. All those things together I felt helped a little
  9. Damoforce

    Instagram What is the best social media that helps to grow a youtube channel?

    Facebook, not so much from my own Facebook page for Damoforce, but for sharing into related groups
  10. Damoforce

    Community Thumbnail choices

    I try and make them sort of the same. At least same font. I've even gone back and replaced some to see if improves CTR and just overall look of the channel
  11. Damoforce

    Need Advice Getting views but no subscribers

    Try shorts maybe just to get your brand in front of people. Could work, could not. Hasn't really for me
  12. Damoforce

    Subscriber Milestone 500, halfway to my goal

    500! Half way to my goal of 1K
  13. Damoforce

    Thumbnail Feedback Channel Art & Profile Pic Advice

    Hey team, I've got a question for you all. I think this in the right area. Can your profile picture on YouTube and Channel art have a negative effect of sub grow and click through? At the moment I have a logo and some other general stuff as the header, should I look to improve these and add...