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Recent content by Tito Tim

  1. Tito Tim

    Other What is the fastest way to upload to the internet?

    For me, my phone is faster than my home fiber, but I still use the fiber because the desktop uploading has a much better editing interface.
  2. Tito Tim

    Answered Adding Your Channel To Tubebuddy and getting videos deleted

    I have never had them want to delete any... are you asking about the permissions, or an actual deletion request? If it is the permissions, I would assume that like any channel management tool, TB would need that permission, in case you use TB to delete a vid. We have to give TB permission to...
  3. Tito Tim

    Movies/TV Do You have a favourite YouTuber?

    Mostly I watch US late night TV on YouTube. But right now my favorite non-TV channel is Robert Picardo's channel. He is hysterical. You may remember him from Stargate Atlantis, or Voyager. He has some whacked out characters he plays in his videos. https://www.youtube.com/c/RobertPicardoOfficial
  4. Tito Tim

    YouTube Help Chapters

    The extra zeros may be confusing it? Try changing the 00:00:00 to just 00:00 Not sure if makes a difference, but worth a shot...
  5. Tito Tim

    Should I show low subscriber counts?

    Yeah, I just that announced today on the Creator Insider channel. It is to try and limit the channels pretending to be someone else. They are also limiting the character set available for channel names, for the same reason. Small update, but some good stuff. They have an experimental setting...
  6. Tito Tim

    Question Keywords

    On the YouTube page you click the TubeBuddy icon and open the Keyword Explorer. Bodybuilding itself has a large search volume and may be hard to rank in. On the right side of the explorer box will be other similar terms. I would start trying different ones and see if you can get a good score on...
  7. Tito Tim

    YouTube Tips Is a stupid face on your thumbnail necessary to get lots of clicks?

    Yeah... not a good method for me. What I click on is not the click-baity, stupid expression, videos - but I know those do work. I am not, and have never been, the target demographic. I also find that type of advertising insulting.
  8. Tito Tim

    TubeBuddy News New Chapter Editor Tool Now Available!

    I just gave it a whirl. Seems pretty good. I have been trying to add chapters to more videos, but sometimes get lazy while uploading. Hopefully this will help.
  9. Tito Tim

    Other Talk about Spammers in Comments?

    I am rarely affected by them at all. YT is very good at filtering out the spammers. I see some of them in my 'held for review' section, but simply delete them. Almost no spam comments get through to my comment section. Some spammers use a well crafted comment, but if they include a link, I...
  10. Tito Tim

    YouTube Help I'm losing gameplay quality after uploading.

    YouTube seems to strip video quality out to make it stream better. The video produced on my computer is always superior to when I watch it back, on YT.
  11. Tito Tim

    Answered What the heck does "total tag characters" mean?

    Well... who knew, I have not seen that before ha ha I guess the 20 is just a score (could just as well have been 100?). So 5/20 is not so good. 20/20 is better. I guess?
  12. Tito Tim

    Answered What the heck does "total tag characters" mean?

    Hmm... my screen looks nothing like that.
  13. Tito Tim

    Business Channel What is your Business Niche???

    The error in your sig? The instructions for setting up the link is in this thread: https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/44066/#post-140174 My business niche... I have no business, just making vlogs. :cool:
  14. Tito Tim

    YouTube Opinion Dislike abuse issue & a better banning/block feature.

    Much of the dislike problem was organized dislike bombing of a channel - the people knew they were hurting the channel, that was their intention. I honestly do not see how making dislikes invisible to viewers is supposed to fix that... A few random dislikes are probably not going to affect...
  15. Tito Tim

    Answered What the heck does "total tag characters" mean?

    I have never seen that in the SEO. Yes, there are up to 500 characters and I have seen like 403/500, never anything like 15/20. What would the 15 or the 20 be referring to?