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Recent content by TechSpaceAu

  1. TechSpaceAu

    Instagram Promotion on instagram

    You should create content just for instagram. Not use it as a platform to push to youtube. people will natural go across once you have given them value on that platform. if you only ever just promote another platform why should i follow your instagram, you see what i mean??
  2. TechSpaceAu

    Subscriber Milestone 210 subscribers

    That's awesome, keep it up. Next goal should be 500!! I believe you can do it :)
  3. TechSpaceAu

    Video Review Is the music suitable for my video? Does it matter?

    My only feedback is is you have 10 second to grab someone attention. The only thing is nothing is happening for the first 10 sec. I would try saying hi this video is about this and lets jump into it. then play your intro clip of the grill. you only have one shot to grab people attention and...
  4. TechSpaceAu

    TubeBuddy How did you find us at Tubebuddy?

    I found you guys through a youtube video. :)
  5. TechSpaceAu

    Editing Software Hi what do you guys use to edit for Youtube? do you do on your computer or phone?

    I use adobe Premier and After effects for the graphics.
  6. TechSpaceAu

    Video Review I would appreciate some feedback/constructive criticism on my latest video.

    User name: TechSpaceAu Title of thread: I would appreciate some feedback/constructive criticism on my latest video. Self review: Not sure if the video is too long or not? Also do I need to chat more about myself or just stick to reviewing the product Channel review or Video review? Video...
  7. TechSpaceAu

    Video Review I would greatly appreciate some feedback/constructive criticism on my latest video.

    Hey Just watched you video and thought it was great. I think your script was really good and story telling had me to the end of the video. My only suggestion is i would like to see more b-roll of the things you're talking about. It was cool watching the game play but think any good story telling...