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    I Can't Sleep! Pyxxi and Pyka

    Pyka is about to go to sleep, taking Edgar Bear, his favorite teddy bear, along with him. But Pyxxi thinks that teddy bears are for babies, and Pyka should be able to sleep without it. What kinds of strategies can Pyka employ to fall asleep? Counting sheep, maybe?
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    YouTube News Community Tab

    I've had it for a while. I think they just rolled it out fairly randomly. I keep forgetting that it exists, to be honest.
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    Sell-Out? Sullivan Spaniel

    Sullivan meets up with Yellow Guy, who he has't seen in a while. Yellow Guy asks Sullivan to try some new dog food, and then asks him to tell the camera that it's the best food ever! Does that make him a sellout? What would it take for a not-so-famous dog to sell out, anyway?
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    Complaints: George the Self Esteem Cat

    George and DOG are taking Mama George out for dinner! She says she is having a very good time, but she can't help herself from complaining about everything. Not big complaints, but little ones about the food and the service and the atmosphere. Sometimes, there are people who are not happy unless...
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    I'm Not Touching You! Pyxxi and Pyka

    Pyxxi is a little annoyed by Pyka's favorite game, which he calls, "I'm not touching you!" Brothers can be such a pain sometimes! But Pyxxi has a way to get him back, which comes in the form of a very special robot!
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    TubeBuddy Why CTR (Click Through Rate is important!)

    Looking forward to seeing how this works out. It's good to have a video that you can do this testing on.
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    YouTube Question YouTube's new video editor - Thoughts?

    I guess if there are things I've uploaded and need to make changes that the editor is able to do, it could come in handy, but I am wary of site-specific tools for video editing, since the quality tends to be a little bit lower than commercial video editors.
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    Space Camp! Sullivan Spaniel

    Sullivan thinks he has the best idea for becoming super-famous! He heard about this new thing called Space Force, and since he knows a space alien named Fwed, he thinks he can become the first Space Force captain, since Fwed already has his own spaceship! Fwed has other ideas about Space Force...
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    YouTube News Outtakes As A View Time Booster?

    I think there are certain things that people will stay for, but they also say, "The actual content of this video is finished," and bloopers tend to be in that category for me. So people may stick around for bloopers if they like them, but I could also see it being a definite ending point for...
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    TubeBuddy What's your biggest struggle on YouTube?

    @Paul I do have a website where I repost my videos, but I haven't created standalone blog content in a while. Given that I have an entertainment channel that skews towards a younger set (we do puppetry and the videos are all kid-friendly, if not kid-focused), I tend to get a little confused...
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    TubeBuddy What's your biggest struggle on YouTube?

    @Damon I think you're right. I think the days of, "Hit 1,000 subs and it goes faster" just don't happen quite the same way anymore, just because the platform is so expansive. I'm doing pretty well, will hit 5,000 fairly soon, but I think doing some strategic promotions outside of the traditional...
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    TubeBuddy What's your biggest struggle on YouTube?

    Probably building my audience faster. I'm happy with where I am, but it's been fairly slow/steady growth for some time now, and I'd really like a couple of jumps up by a significant amount, just to see if the series' can catch on in a somewhat wide way. Maybe my content is more niche than that...
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    How to Send Self Esteem: George the Self Esteem Cat

    George has a wonderful idea for helping to build up self esteem in his friends. He's going to send a text message to DOG for no reason other than to say that he loves and appreciates him as a friend. George calls this the "self esteem sneak attack," and he thinks it may catch on as a wonderful...
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    Penny for Your Thoughts? Pyxxi and Pyka

    Pyka is sitting alone, thinking some thoughts to himself when Pyxxi arrives and offers a penny for his thoughts. He gives her the penny, and transfers a thought from his head to hers, then another, not-so-good thought escapes! What to do? Luckily, Pyxxi has a plan.
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    Redshirt: Sullivan Spaniel

    Sullivan has heard some exciting Star Trek news! Patrick Stewart, the original Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation is coming back to the universe! He's going to be reprising his role on the Starship Enterprise and they're sending out a call for other crew members...