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Recent content by VideoChannelIdeas

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    Community I want to improve my thumbnails but dont even know where to start

    Taking a look at your channel, I would try a few things: 1 - remove text on thumbnail 2 - Use a screenshot from the game that is most interesting and might entice people to click Less is more
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    YouTube Tips i watch as many videos in the same category as mine

    The only down side to this strategy is imagine competing channels doing the same thing to yours...
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    Need Advice Hi guys please how can I achieve my 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hour been on YouTube for a year now still at 164 subscribers

    Ask for subscribers.... but don't expect too much when you reach the 1k/4k goal... ad revenue is pretty dismal for the most part
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    YouTube Tips So, Why Is Sub4Subs Wrong? I’ll Tell You

    The rules about sub4sub don't really matter. More important is the strategy is a horrible one that will not do your channel any good. All you are doing is collecting a bunch of dead subscribers that won't watch your videos.
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    YouTube Question what is difference between tag rank and search rank

    From what I understand, tags play a minimal role in how a video ranks... if you look carefully on YouTube when you upload a video, YouTube says this near the tags section
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    YouTube Opinion Don't try to figure out Shorts

    Because I have a short of nothing more than a shopping cart wheel wobbling that is performing better than many shorts that I actually put effort into LOL :joy:
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    YouTube Opinion Shorts - Unexpected surprises. You never know when they'll pop. (short case study)

    Yep, have had a similar experience on another channel... uploaded a short and it putted along and then out of nowhere went viral.... now over 2 million views and counting
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    YouTube Opinion Helpful tip: Think from YouTube's perspective

    If you want to get a good objective point of view trying to figure out why some videos get promoted and why others don't, then think from YouTube's perspective. If you owned YouTube, which videos would you present to potential advertisers? Think of it like going to a very competitive job...
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    YouTube Opinion The secret to MrBeast's success

    I've spent quite a bit of time studying MrBeast's channel over the last few months and have figured out the main reason why his channel has succeeded. Subscribers either conciously or subconciously believe they will win money if they subscribe to MrBeast and watch his videos. MrBeast uses a...
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    YouTube Question Losing subscribers

    From what I have seen I believe there are a lot of fake/shady/spam accounts that do this kind of thing... subscribe so they can spam your videos or whatever. I also believe that YT may prune channels from subs that have not been active. Just a guess... no idea really
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    YouTube Question Can you do a giveaway to get more subscribers?

    I've noticed on the last couple of MrBeast videos, he gives away $10,000 to new subscribers to his channel. He gives the current winner a shoutout, then says if you are not subscribed we are giving away another $10k to someone who subscribes within the next 7 days. He even goes a step further...
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    YouTube Question YouTube Shorts views down for you?

    Hopefully it's just a fluke... had a wild ride over the last month or so.. 2 million views and counting on one channel :)
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    YouTube Question YouTube Shorts views down for you?

    Seems to me that the gold rush with YouTube Shorts is coming to an end... has anyone else noticed a decline in views with your Shorts? They are certainly not like they were a couple weeks or so ago... Either too many people are posting Shorts or they have tweaked their algorithm as the beta...
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    YouTube Tips MrBeast YouTube tips & tricks

    There are some good thumbnail tricks in there... I implemented the mrbeast strategy and recently had a short take off like a rocket!
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    YouTube Tips MrBeast YouTube tips & tricks

    I saw that video and couldn't believe it.... I would say that there's no way I would be buried alive for 50 hours... unless maybe someone offered me $1,000,000. But I'd still have to think about it lol