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In my life main occupation is dancing, breaking to be exact and I do that for a living now for more the 27 years, on many different ways. That life is great but for me it was always a thing where I wanted to progress in new aria's. So first it was shows, TV and competitions, then I've started to teach and open a school, after some time theater came along so there was a chance to be a dancer there, then there was a chance to make my own theater show (that was a blast for me, to get all the production payed) and changes was always going and going. In our world promotional material is important and many dancers making that by video, so I wanted a good one also, that was my new challenge, I wanted to learn how to do my self a promo video for YouTube channel. That was in 2005.

So I get my self a program Sony Vegas and start to learn, not long after I had my video and my channel. And then after that I didn't go to much about SEO or something else it was enough for me. I made more videos for my friends and focused more on other things like organizational part of community.

In 2016 I made my new channel this time it was with the plan to post short cuts from breakers which was from my aria, just to make for them an online memory of their progress. In the background I was collecting old footage and building up an archive of breaking history footage, and was learning about documentary movies production. With the time I start to upload some projects based on history of breaking from my aria (just to post a sneak peak of an arhive which was growing). Also new project came up like free online breaking school which was a way for me to learn how to make a concept of teaching dance, here I put in practice things like building a concept, writing a script, planing a shooting, be a camera person, learn about sound technician role,did a montage and post production. That was my full practice part of my learning.

So now I'm finishing my first movie and planing another 3, have a full dancing lessons script for new 50 episodes and writing a new script for a short series about breaking. I'm searching for inverters for movies and online dancing school which are written as a projects for founding by ministry of culture or some other office, my team is taking care of that.

My learning is going now in direction of SEO and it is time to connect with YouTube community and make my channel grow so I can continue to make and produce more content.

My passion, breaking shoved me that YouTube is that new thing what is my challenge, so that made me do my channel and learn really a lot about video production and film.
February 24
Zagreb, Croatia
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