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Recent content by XenoBubbaGaming

  1. XenoBubbaGaming

    YouTube Tips Case Study | How to Get 100k Subscribers | Thundermist Lures Company

    Nice. Thanks for the post. Was quite interesting to read! Greatly appreciate it!
  2. XenoBubbaGaming

    Other Social Media Good Social Sites To Promote...?

    I use a variety of Social Platforms to help promote and push my Videos out across the internet as possible. I was just looking for suggestions on some I might not know about or perhaps missed. I use Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and TubeBuddy currently. If there are some I should check...
  3. XenoBubbaGaming

    YouTube Question Should I delete stagnant videos on my channel?

    I agree with Beanie Draws. It is good to focus on your new content instead of the old.
  4. XenoBubbaGaming

    Vlog Channel i'm a paranormal investigating young granny lol and a witch now don't get scared the gran parts to calm you!!

    Welcome to TubeBuddy! It is interesting to see Paranormal content on here. I can't wait to check out your content!
  5. XenoBubbaGaming

    Gear Question T.V for a Secondary Screen for Streaming?

    Thanks for the response! I am going to set my TV up and get it setup. :)
  6. XenoBubbaGaming

    YouTube Question What do you find the most challenging aspect of YouTube (don't say getting subs or views)

    I find being on Camera and talking to it to be the difficult part. I have never done public appearances or anything even similar to that. Example being, the other night I was Live Streaming and for some reason my Stream pretty much blew up suddenly. I had people swarming the Chat and although...
  7. XenoBubbaGaming

    Audio Gear HyperX Quad or Solo?

    Oh wow. That would help a lot with the overall quality and make it much Clearer. I don't know a lot about Audio but messing around with OBS sound settings has helped a bit with that. I at least got my A10 headset Mic sounding decent I think. So I can imagine that I can get a better mic sounding...
  8. XenoBubbaGaming

    YouTube Tips Breaking 4k: Tips On Getting Your Watch Hours

    Thanks for the information. Greatly appreciated!
  9. XenoBubbaGaming

    Audio Gear HyperX Quad or Solo?

    I have heard a lot about Elgato. I think I will look into it and check out the reviews and such. Thanks for the suggestion!
  10. XenoBubbaGaming

    Audio Gear HyperX Quad or Solo?

    That is what I was thinking. It seems to offer a fuller package which isn't bad for the price. As I said before all it will leave me to buy is a Boom Arm. Thanks for the feedback!
  11. XenoBubbaGaming

    Audio Gear HyperX Quad or Solo?

    I am trying to decide between the HyperX Quad and HyperX Solo. From what I have seen from reviews the quality is about the same as far as I am aware. The only big difference is price. The Quad is $140 and the Solo is $60. I am leaning more toward the HyperX Quad because of the built in Shock...
  12. XenoBubbaGaming

    Gear Question T.V for a Secondary Screen for Streaming?

    Yeah but I just intend to use the TV for keeping track of the Stream and Chat mainly. Then use my Monitor for the game for Full Screen. So it's a good thing I decided that route then lol
  13. XenoBubbaGaming

    YouTube Question Do you post Video AND Streams or...?

    You know, you're absolutely right. I have done some Streams and I love interacting with the community and being able to be there live with everyone. I am just starting out in general and don't have much of a community built up but I do enjoy having the ability to just play and talk to everyone...
  14. XenoBubbaGaming

    Gear Question T.V for a Secondary Screen for Streaming?

    Thank you. I think I am going to get that set up and running. Greatly appreciate the information.
  15. XenoBubbaGaming

    Gear Question T.V for a Secondary Screen for Streaming?

    I have been thinking of using my TV for a Secondary to help with Streaming but not sure if it is something that is recommended or if I should just hold off until I get an actual Monitor. Anyone have any experience in this or at least some feedback? Any feedback is appreciated.