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Recent content by tubefluence

  1. tubefluence

    Vlog Channel I am new in tubebuddy

    Welcome to the forum, Triyana. Do you have any specific goals for your YouTube channel?
  2. tubefluence

    Channel Review New YouTube channel. What should I improve i my channel

    1. Improve your channel branding- there is no banner or decent profile picture present. 2. Improve your video thumbnails- compare your thumbnails to the videos ranking near the top of the search results for your video topics. 3. Be patient- you've been uploading videos for less than a month.
  3. tubefluence

    YouTube Tips How can I get more Impressions? --> views

    Subscribers don't really matter- plenty of channels with 0 subscribers have videos perform well based on their topic, title, and thumbnail.
  4. tubefluence

    Community Thumbnail choices

    Thumbnails should be designed using similar elements to ensure some consistency. With this said, you should test out different styles until you find one that results in a high click-through rate for your videos. Don't just pick a style and assume it's good enough. Your current thumbnail style...
  5. tubefluence

    Educational Channel Hi to all

    Welcome to the community, Adam. Do you have any specific goals in mind for your channel?
  6. tubefluence

    YouTube Question How often should you post YouTube videos on your channel?

    As often as you can without causing yourself to get overwhelmed and burned out. YouTube is a long term game- there's no point in uploading daily for 3 months and then quitting.
  7. tubefluence

    Need Advice How do you drive traffic to your channel?

    Engage with other content creators in the comments section of YouTube videos. Don't self-promote at all- just engage with users. Doing this will help you get your channel in front of more people that are already on YouTube. You can also try social media platforms like @HeatherPsyD recommended.
  8. tubefluence

    YouTube Question Help with reaching monitisation goals

    Can you make some videos about the countries you have travelled to already? "What to Expect When Travelling to..." etc.
  9. tubefluence

    Need Advice Views stopped

    A few things... Your thumbnails aren't terrible, but they can be improved. The text is hard to read and isn't necessarily needed. I'd look at large cooking channels and see how their thumbnails are, and emulate them for your own channel. Your titles are not very click-friendly for humans...
  10. tubefluence

    YouTube Question Could video LENGTH impact CTR?

    100%! Funnily enough, super short videos often have low CTRs as well. People often forget the human-side of things when it comes to YouTube. It's important to remember that real people will be watching your videos- not robots.
  11. tubefluence

    Answered Keyword explorer - great keywords but what if my titel is longer than that?

    Yes, this is the case. Some keywords will have an estimated search volume, some will not. It often depends on keyword popularity. This is something you could reach out to TubeBuddy about!
  12. tubefluence

    Answered Keyword explorer - great keywords but what if my titel is longer than that?

    Yes- this should appear at the front of your video title. You can add in a secondary keyword such as "dishwasher repair" or something along those lines to the end as well, but it's always ideal to keep your metadata as relevant as possible. No keyword tools can provide 100% accurate search...
  13. tubefluence

    YouTube Question copyright claim and view time?

    Typically, videos that are claimed because of the music in them have their revenue funnelled to the claimant. So, your channel may still be accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, but you'll have a difficult time actually earning any revenue. Honestly, the easiest option is to not include any...
  14. tubefluence

    YouTube Question how can i get more views from impressions

    Increase your click-through rate. The easiest way to do this is to use thumbnails that your target audience will respond positively to.