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Recent content by Aaron

  1. Aaron

    Automotive Any other petrol heads out there?

    Picking Evangelion is mostly to please my girlfriend and get her sign off on it. My preferred design would likely be Gundam related. Likely based off the 00 Raiser from Mobile Suit Gundam 00 but that design would definitely end up taking me to the limits of the laws in CA as far as lights go as...
  2. Aaron

    Automotive Any other petrol heads out there?

    Haven't fully pinned all the details out yet but I do know that I want to do a full custom exhaust setup with valve control on it, I want to do a Carbon Fiber spoiler on it although nothing insanely huge because I generally hate huge wings, I'd like to have a custom carbon fiber steering wheel...
  3. Aaron

    Automotive Any other petrol heads out there?

    True I am a bit of an automotive addict. Currently in the planning stage for my next 2 car purchases which right now looks like the first is going to be a Dodge Charger (Its time to have some American muscle back in the garage). Second one right now is likely going to be a Subaru BRZ for me to...
  4. Aaron

    Editing Software What is your favorite video editing app?

    Which one is RAM Hungry? I've never noticed with my excess amounts of RAM tbh...
  5. Aaron

    Gaming Channel Hi Everyone

    Welcome to the community! Do you have a favorite mobile game to play right now? Personally I'm addicted to GBGW (Gundam).
  6. Aaron

    Twitter I've Met Some Hardcore Twitter Users In Political Content Side Of Twitter

    This is because a lot of people on the internet are FAR too sensitive. I'm not too afraid to speak my mind on twitter but definitely on FB/Instagram I keep it clean.
  7. Aaron

    Vlog Channel Hi Everyone!

    Welcome to the community! What kind of guitar do you play? Feel free to show us a photo :)!
  8. Aaron

    Twitter I've Met Some Hardcore Twitter Users In Political Content Side Of Twitter

    I have to be so careful on social media to try and stay neutral for politics. Running a business I really cant show my thoughts... I get pretty open on twitter but other platforms I say nothing at all.
  9. Aaron

    Comedy Channel Howdy, I'm Josh and I Make Funny Commentary Videos

    Welcome to the community! What do you like to write? Poetry? Short stories? do tell :D!
  10. Aaron

    Editing Software iMovie

    I only used the mobile version of iMovie once and it wasn't for long so I can't say much of it. That said I used the desktop version for quite some time and it was a wonderful editing experience! If I still had a mac for editing I'd probably be using Final Cut but iMovie was by no means bad.
  11. Aaron

    Vlog Channel Terry's Fabulousness

    Seeing that really makes me miss a Chinese buffet I used to go to... They had a very nice chicken dish and I don't know what it was called but it was incredible ;_;
  12. Aaron

    How-To Channel Good day to everyone,I am very glad to be a part of this community

    Welcome to the community! What kind of work do you do in Italy? Do you enjoy being there? :)
  13. Aaron

    Music Channel New to youtube - People in my niche

    Welcome to the community! Its been a while since I've played Chess... do you compete?
  14. Aaron

    Educational Channel I am a Professional Dancer and Filmmaker that live son a Cruise Ship!

    Welcome to the community! Did the pandemic isolate you on the ship or do you work on it? :o
  15. Aaron

    Entertainment Channel Let's fly with skydivers

    Welcome to the community! I share your dream... would love to one day have a giant underground garage with all my favorites in it :). I doubt the day will come though that I can ever afford them all LOL.