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  1. Aaron

    Forum News Member of the Month July!

    Congratulations @hwg :)!
  2. Aaron

    Music Channel Royalty free music Channel

    I'm sure he is happy you used that site as it is his site ;)
  3. Aaron

    GFX/VFX Channel Hi, im Orcgod Entertainment

    Welcome to the forum! What software are you currently working on learning? :)
  4. Aaron

    Thumbnail Feedback Tried a more minimal approach!

    I'm not sure I'd of initially made the connection of sandbags if you hadn't specified it. I'd be curious about what it is your holding with no context.
  5. Aaron

    Community Vacation

    I'm always down to work with fellow automotive enthusiasts if I can. What kinds of things do you have in mind?
  6. Aaron

    Community Any Plans For The Summer?

    As a creator the value is only in the Panels and Networking... This years panels look pretty good :)
  7. Aaron

    please help me

    Thread locked due to no review and self-review. Once you've made a review for a channel/video in this section https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?forums/11/ (and link to it in the original post) and a self-review, please message one of the @Moderators and we'll unlock the thread.
  8. Aaron

    Did you learn about photography in my video?

    I don't know if having the GoPro is really helping any (at least in this video) I'd of recorded through the DSLR and overlayed the grid because the GoPro will not show exactly what you see and will simply confuse people in my opinion. That said the knowledge is on point and shouldn't be too...
  9. Aaron

    Channel Banner Feedback Channel Banner

    The banner will likely be cropped on mobile enough that it cuts the name a bit so the design on places other than Desktop/TV will look slightly off. There is also really no information about your channel beside the name so it could likely use more information like a schedule or what you do.
  10. Aaron

    Solved Can you Switch My Lifetime Account To My New Channel

    It is an email address, so you need to send the information from your post above in an email to support@tubebuddy.com
  11. Aaron

    Thumbnail Feedback what is considered "clickbaiting" v.s. click worthy"?

    This is certainly going to be an interesting conversation to watch. I don't think its easy to peg thumbnails as necessarily "clickbait" or or "click worthy". Clickbait generically in my mind is something designed to achieve a click-through using irrelevant material. If I made a thumbnail saying...
  12. Aaron

    Community Vacation

    Vacations are important! Enjoy it!!!
  13. Aaron

    Work In Progress Logo design - opinions please

    That banner tells me nothing about your channel though. stacked leaves room for a proper design and info to be added.
  14. Aaron

    Question color cards?

    I keep a grey card on me for getting perfect photo exposure but never tried one of those color cards. I know @Andrew has some experience with them though.
  15. Aaron

    Work In Progress Logo design - opinions please

    I like option A but I feel like a less long version may look better? stacked instead of side?