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Recent content by SwishWilly

  1. SwishWilly

    YouTube Help Memberships Not Available

    Hi All!! I am so grateful as I officially got approved to be in the YouTube Partner Program! I was hoping to be able to turn on memberships shortly but noticed that it's not an option in the Monetization tab. I have a couple of questions regarding what may be the reason: Do you have to be...
  2. SwishWilly

    Channel Milestone 1000 subs and over 4000hrs achieved!

    WOW! It only took 24 hours for YouTube to screen your channel?? That's incredible!! I just qualified this morning to apply - Already had an AdSense account so now I'm just waiting on YouTube :) CONGRATS! So exciting!!
  3. SwishWilly

    Channel Milestone Finally Hit 4000 Watch Hours!!

    I CANNOT believe it! After 11 months and 6 days I was finally able to apply for monetization for my channel SwishWilly & Disney!! Thank you for everyone's help on these forums. I couldn't have to down with out TubeBuddy, these forums and friends and family. WOW! Now the nerves hit for the...
  4. SwishWilly

    YouTube Help Monetization Eligibility

    Hi All! Sorry if this has a thread somewhere, but I can't seem to find one for my specific question. I am at 230 hours left to qualify for monetization. My question is this: I have Disney Ambient Sounds playlist that has different park area music loops. These videos are by no means my highest...
  5. SwishWilly

    Need Advice What can I do to make my channel better.

    I noticed that you don't display your subscriber count. Even if it's small, I believe it's a great metric to share publicly. People will see that others are interested when they hit your landing page simply on your subscriber count and in turn may take the leap to subscribe as well. That's...
  6. SwishWilly

    Subscriber Milestone 2500 Subscribers!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!

    This is the wildest thing in the world! Never in my life did I think I would get here!
  7. SwishWilly

    Video Review Video about a new Ken doll. What can I do to engage viewers?

    Hi there! I'll first let you know that your thumbnail is appealing and straight forward :) For me, I find that the inflections on your voice can come across at times quite scripted and seem as though you're reading more than you are sharing genuine knowledge and excitement. That's not to say...
  8. SwishWilly

    Subscriber Milestone 2400 Subscribers! Now for the watch time!

    So excited to have finally hit 2400 Subscribers!! Now if only my watch time would move as fast as my subscriber count!! Thanks for the support everyone :)
  9. SwishWilly

    Video Review Would Like A Video Review On Latest Disney World Update Video

    User name: SwishWilly Title of thread: Would Like A Video Review On Latest Disney World Update Video Self review: I feel pretty good about this video. My audience retention rate on this video is currently sitting at 40% and I'm curious as to what I could have done differently to push it to...
  10. SwishWilly

    Thumbnail Feedback Feedback on Latest Vlog Thumbnail

    While this video is already live, I'd love some feedback on what your thoughts are. Is it attractive? Is it easy to see what the video is about? Thanks in advance! I'm on my work computer so I don't have access to my Thumbnail drive - Sorry in advance for posting the actual video but I figured...