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Recent content by Ikerot

  1. Ikerot

    Opinion what everyone favorite pets?

    Dogs, cats, and turtles :)
  2. Ikerot

    Need Advice YouTube Ads

    Are you talking about this? https://www.youtube.com/ads/
  3. Ikerot

    YouTube Question Has anyone ever experienced a sudden boom in views on a video they'd given up on?

    Not giving up per se, but it was an old video that I forgot about. It was about a mobile game that closed down and whenever people search it up, my video will be what they see xD (especially if they search about the game closing down)
  4. Ikerot

    Affiliate Question Affil Link

    Hm... yeah, I checked your affiliate code and it's 'growyourtube' When you join the affiliate program, you get to choose your code, so that was what you wrote. No one's code is the same.
  5. Ikerot

    Affiliate Question Affil Link

    Hm... I'm not too sure without having info on your account. Can you send your channel link?
  6. Ikerot

    Affiliate Question Affil Link

    Are you looking to change your affiliate code? If so, please send an email to support@tubebuddy.com with your old affiliate code and the new one you'd like it changed to :)
  7. Ikerot

    Gear Question What Surge Protectors are you using?

    Don't be like me and wait until you get hit with [another] outage XD
  8. Ikerot

    Gear Question What Surge Protectors are you using?

    well speaking of power outage, I just had one yesterday :oops: I guess I better get to buying haha. I wanted to get APC, but I just see a lot of bad reviews and the product bursting into flames. So I'm not too sure :thinking: The one thing I'm sure of is I gotta buy a battery-powered (or a...
  9. Ikerot

    Question One Too Many TubeBuddy Accounts

    Hey, I checked your account, but only see two channels with the similar names and the same profile pic. You can check by logging into https://www.tubebuddy.com/account.
  10. Ikerot

    Subscriber Milestone 90 subscribers!

    Hitting that triple-digit is gonna be like :cool:
  11. Ikerot

    Channel Milestone 60,000 Subcribers !

    Woot woot! :party::party: Congrats! :D
  12. Ikerot

    YouTube Help Where can I download the YouTube "Like" (Thumbs Up) Button that I see used in YouTube videos?

    Are you talking about the animated like button? https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=animated+like+button
  13. Ikerot

    YouTube Question "secret" channels.

    I've got a few old channels, but one of them you can find if you search up my name and dig deep enough xD I wouldn't say I keep it as a secret, I just don't talk about it lol
  14. Ikerot

    Let's count to 10,000 :D

  15. Ikerot

    Let's count to 10,000 :D