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    Strategy stuck

    Just a friendly reminder, but please refrain from going off-topic, especially on another person's thread :) You're always free to use the private messaging on the forum. @entrepreneur916 @Damon
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    Bug Why is this happening?

    It is not a bug, you can close it by clicking on the X button in the top right corner.
  3. Ikerot

    Bug Please, Help me!

    The private videos are private so nobody else but you would be able to see them. This is the same for when you're in Creator Studio. You'd still be able to see your private videos, but not everybody else. If you've removed the videos, but the app still shows it, it might take a bit for the app...
  4. Ikerot

    Question Transcription bug?

    Thread moved to YouTube Discussion because this isn't a TubeBuddy issue. That is an odd issue, though I've never faced it whenever I've done CC. Does the video not stop despite you typing or fixing the transcript?
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    Question Anyone using YouTube Premiere for their vids?

    Haha, I also thought it was Adobe Premiere as well. Then I saw "wrestling" and I was thinking, "Huh... I didn't know Adobe hosted wrestling matches" I have been to premieres on YT before. I know a lot of people complain about it way before the premiere happens because... idk... they're...
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    Entertainment Channel showbiz balita

    Hello Jessa. Welcome to the forum :) Can you tell us more about you and your channel?
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    Channel Milestone First 100 views

    That's a 100 people who clicked on your videos :O!
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    Channel Milestone 30,000 Watch Minutes!!

    Woo! Congrats! :D
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    Let's count to 10,000 :D

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    Gaming Channel Hi, my name is Szymon(Simon)!

    Yes! The Pewdiepie MC series has been really fun to watch, and I don't watch Felix that much anymore. It's also bringing him a lot of views too (#1 Trending on gaming haha) Also, gave this thread a sticky for being so good :D
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    Business Channel Hey TubeBuddy Community! New YouTuber here, my channel is dedicated to helping everyone achieve financial freedom and positive collaboration!

    Hello Jacob! Welcome to the community :) That is an impressive resume you got there. Have you checked out our Content Strategies thread yet? It's a great place to share your strategies or learn from others. We also have the TubeBuddy channel where we show you each TB tools and how to utilize...
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    Gaming Channel Hi, my name is Szymon(Simon)!

    Hello Szymon! Welcome aboard! Great introduction, by the way! I've actually started getting back into Minecraft after years of not playing it (all the way back in 2014) haha. I also really love the rise of MC again and how popular YTers are making a series of it. Have you checked out our free...
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    Gaming Channel A pleasure and a half

    Woah there. We only just met and you love us all already? :0 You haven't even told us what your channel is about! Jokes aside, we would love to know more about you :) Welcome to the forum!
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    Vlog Channel Excited to be part of this Community!

    Hello poppochichi! Welcome to the forum :D How are you planning on accomplishing your dreams? :thinking:
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    Educational Channel MOD13

    Hello Bataha. Welcome to the forum! Can you tell us more about yourself? How did you find TubeBuddy? What got you to want to start your YouTube channel? What are your hobbies? :) Questions like that.