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    Let's make a never ending "Forum Sandwich!"

    river fish die off
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    Let's count to 10,000 :D

    1886 Still not at 2k? Let's add a decimal to this: 1.89k! YouTube did it. Why can't we?
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    YouTube Question Copyright ignorance

    Wait, how does someone else put a card on your video?
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    YouTube Tips Subscribers

    Produce 150 searchable, clickable quality videos that people want to watch because you answered a need, want or desire they're burning to satisfy. The speed at which you produce this quantity of videos and the size of your niche within the marketplace will determine how fast you get to 1k.
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    YouTube Question This is about Monetization!

    Well, it's not too early to ask about monetization. You can monetize outside YouTube. I often say build your business then build your YouTube channel. That way you're making money before you even start your channel.
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    Handline Cuban Yoyo Fishing With the Handline Hunter |S1-E1| Trollin!

    It's been hard going getting the 2020 fishing season started. Heavy rainfall has flooded the lower part of the Black Warrior River, and low temperatures have made handline fishing quite a challenge. View:
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    Need Advice Advice for a struggling creator!

    Great! And, most people are not in it for themselves, I believe. And also remember to be patient. It takes much longer than any of us hopes it will. Godspeed!
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    Need Advice Advice for a struggling creator!

    Honestly you're asking the wrong question. The proper question is, "How to I provide more value? How do I know the videos I make are worth watching? How do I go about helping people changing their lives?" The fact that you're asking about grabbing subscribers tells me that you're really...
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    Channel Milestone 1K SUBSCRIBERS

    Here's to 100k!
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    YouTube Question How is the Monetization Works in Youtube.

    The greatest income comes from marketing and selling your own products and services on YouTube. Affiliates and sponsor deals you'll always have to depend on someone else's product to make your business. Ultimately you're in the same boat and depending on YouTube. Build your business, then build...
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    YouTube Tips How do I get subscribers to subscribe.

    Yeah, you have to have a niche, and you have to help for a long period of time. For instance if you are a mountain climber you can do mountain climbing tutorials or film your mountain climbing adventures. The larger topic is mountain climbing which would be too broad. Maybe you live near Mount...
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    Need Advice Advice for beginners

    There are tons of options these days. If you want something new, just get a Canon M50 or Panasonic G85. If you're willing to buy used, just get a Panasonic G7.
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    YouTube Resources Fun Viewer Proposition Challenge!

    Just for fun! My YouTube channel is for latent Force users who want to use the dark side of the Force. My videos will show you how to use the dark side without making the stupid mistakes of the likes of Plagueis, Palpatine, Vader and Ren. Oh, and we even have cupcakes! :imp::party::bomb:
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    Channel Milestone 3000 views

    That's a lot of people!
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    YouTube Help My channel got hacked and deleted

    Yeah, I've noticed a tons of these serious sounding e-mails. Man, I never click them. I go to the Adsense or YouTube channel directly. If there's a problem, Google/YouTube will notify you on dashboard page. Also if you notice the return e-mail is some crazy jacked-up address that could not have...