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Recent content by Damon

  1. Damon

    YouTube Question When did you start an email address for your channel?

    Yeah, get your e-mail and Web site set up first, then get your YouTube channel going.
  2. Damon

    YouTube Help Help! Need your feedback on this video performance please..

    This should be posted in the feedback forums.
  3. Damon

    Need Advice NEED ADVICE

    Start by using the search.
  4. Damon

    YouTube Question Starting a new niche

    That's a difficult one especially since you are growing plants that high of latitude. Tradition says to make all new content for a new channel. If you just upload old content, then you're just reusing content. You'll have a hard time getting into the monetization program. I say go for the new...
  5. Damon

    Subscriber Milestone 24k !!

  6. Damon

    Catfishing Expedition, lol

    Had to re-upload this one: View: https://youtu.be/cAAJLfoPRBs
  7. Damon

    Catfishing Expedition, lol

    View: https://youtu.be/jCzokS9nvXA
  8. Damon

    Need Advice Daily posting or 3 times a week?

    It depends. If you're a mountain climber, you can't climb Mount Everest everyday. If you're a wilderness photographer, you can't cross the Serengeti three days a week. If you're a hunter, you can't hunt during the off season. So, it depends on your niche and the quality of content you want to...
  9. Damon

    YouTube Opinion You tube depression

    Yeah, you're gonna have to define why you're doing YouTube. If your reason isn't strong enough to continue even though you don't have any subs or views, you probably don't have a strong enough reason to tough out the hard times.
  10. Damon

    YouTube Question Content ID Claims

    I had a couple claims when using a different music service. It's important to get your service to contact the claimants. They'll often release the claim. This is exactly the reason I started to compose my own music.
  11. Damon

    Need Advice Platforms

    Well, YouTube is the best platform to build your channel. Everything about YouTube is designed to keep you watching more YouTube videos. The key is to get them watching your videos. That means lots of videos.
  12. Damon

    YouTube Question Research

    I also need the planets to align. Just like Stanley I need a good weather break, i.e., several days of stable weather, virtually impossible in the southeastern US summer. I also need the time of year and the time of month to be perfect. Fish bite best during the new moon. Also they don't bite...
  13. Damon

    YouTube Question Research

    Brain space and time freedom.
  14. Damon

    TubeBuddy How has tubebuddy benefited you in growing or improving your channel?

    Yeah, just helping make sense of the data.
  15. Damon

    YouTube Question How do you get your first subscribers

    As I've said countless times, it takes 150 well-placed, searchable, clickable videos that capture and hold people's attention before you really start getting views and subs.