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Recent content by Damon

  1. Damon

    YouTube Opinion Hi everyone - I am new to YouTube, are the following stats good, acceptable, or poor

    Dude, these are the kinds of numbers we all hope for but almost never get.
  2. Damon

    Handline Fishing With Lure & Fly Line

    View: https://youtu.be/4vtapRtvHgs
  3. Damon

    TubeBuddy Tips Which Optimization Is Best?

    Target all three.
  4. Damon

    Ole Cane Pole | Catch & Cook

    View: https://youtu.be/rXcKiMwHTmg
  5. Damon

    YouTube News Copyright Claims | Appeal Faster Now!

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ey_h1U-Cq7s
  6. Damon

    Need Advice Advice for new YT'r

    1. Doing covers is ripe for copyright strikes on YT. You may or may not get slapped, but if it does, you'll probably get slapped down for seemingly no reason. The copyright situation on YouTube is totally messed up. 2. This is not an insult but read, "How to Shoot Video That Doesn't Suck," by...
  7. Damon

    YouTube Tips Best Way to Get 1K Subs in Under a Month!

    Agree with the above. While 1k subs in 17 days is fast, what about the next 17 months or 17 years? Will those same people watch your content even year from now? If they have subscribed to you that quickly, they'll probably drop you just as fast. Also not everyone can produce daily content. For...
  8. Damon

    YouTube News Copycatters & Aggregators Will Take Back Seat to Original Creators

    This is good news. So many people don't care about creative original content. They chase after wind and run over waterfalls. If they had put that effort into doing the right things over very long periods of time, they would eventually come out ahead. For instance I just had this comment come in...
  9. Damon

    Who Can Post Last?

    Yup! You win!
  10. Damon

    YouTube Question Which category should I choose?

    These days I don't think it matters much. I'd go for how-to and style.
  11. Damon

    Who Can Post Last?

    I fail.
  12. Damon

    YouTube Help Getting started with YouTube first 3 months

    Yeah, the main thing: Focus on making your first 100 videos.
  13. Damon

    YouTube Opinion Best Explanation of YouTube Shorts!

    The worst thing about shorts: It feeds the idea that there is some kind of short cut to fame, glory and money. I speculate that even the name Shorts is often inferred to mean a quick way to success in the minds of most beginner creators. Now, for me it's a waste of time. Others more imaginative...
  14. Damon

    Let's count to 10,000 :D

    2918. Man this game is dead. After six years we can't even amass 3,000 posts.
  15. Damon

    Who Can Post Last?