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Recent content by Damon

  1. Damon

    Type a word that doesnt have Vowel letters!

    All you failed, lol. Y is a vowel. AEIOU and sometimes Y. Every case posted they y functions as a vowel. If it doesn't have a vowel it isn't a word.
  2. Damon

    Type a word related to YouTube

  3. Damon

    Need Advice Tags not ranking

    I suggest that you humanize your tags and keywords phrases. What are people asking? Exactly how are they asking? In other words people don't type "va loan requirements." They type, "how do it get a va loan" or, "where do i get a va loan" Those are the kinds of things people are asking themselves...
  4. Damon

    Type a word related to YouTube

  5. Damon

    Editing Software Has anyone used VlogEasy?

    hmm, haven't heard of it.
  6. Damon

    Twitter I've Met Some Hardcore Twitter Users In Political Content Side Of Twitter

    I quit Twitter. For me since I'm black, and Black Warrior Lures has black in the title, I get all the politics no matter what I do. (Black Warrior Lures being named after the Black Warrior River, which is named after Chief Tuscaloosa, which means black warrior.) I wanted to get on Twitter to...
  7. Damon

    Type a word related to YouTube

  8. Damon

    Channel Milestone 1 Million Views!

    That's a lot of views!
  9. Damon

    YouTube Tips Case Study | How to Get 100k Subscribers | Thundermist Lures Company

    Thx, Ater. There's a reason I didn't major in engineering! :joy:
  10. Damon

    YouTube Opinion Endorse a product you don't believe in?

    Never endorse or promote something you don't believe in. Very few people can sell :poop: to a brick. When you believe in something, people can pick up that. It's something unsaid. Maybe it's body language, maybe it's something else. As an online fishing tackle shop owner, what products do I sell...
  11. Damon

    YouTube Tips Case Study | How to Get 100k Subscribers | Thundermist Lures Company

    I use this as an example: Thundermist Lures has been making weekly fishing videos since 2007. They just hit 100,000 subscribers. The Numbers Do the math: 13 years. It took 13 years of producing one awesome fishing video per week. (fewer than that, but more on that later) 1 video per week * 52...
  12. Damon

    Need Advice Why my viewers don't watch more than 1:56 minutes in my videos

    @Beanie Draws Telling ya: Buy the book "How to Shoot Video That Doesn't Suck," by Steve Stockman." It will totally change your YouTube channel. (not an affiliate link.) It isn't about today's style of video for YouTube. It's about 100 years of motion picture and hard-won lessons that most...
  13. Damon

    Subscriber Milestone milestone

    Keep going!
  14. Damon

    Need Advice Help me I'm Newbie

    Finally someone who asked first!