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    YouTube Question How long did it take you to find your voice?

    It took me about 600+ videos.
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    Need Advice Best Practise For Comments

    Easy: Your friends, family and colleagues may not be in to astrophysics or your chosen niche. I always an the first to like my own video. It just starts the ball rolling. If you don't want to like your own comments/videos, then don't. It isn't a big deal either way, imo. In other words there...
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    Need Advice What should be my next step after optimising my channel?

    Good question! In short: Contractors will do the work. The longer answer is they would be people selected from my own audience, and only those who make it through my training program. I would pay them directly on a per video basis for the videos. This way they can learn on my dime, and gain the...
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    Need Advice What should be my next step after optimising my channel?

    @golfwithjohn I face exactly the same thing as a fishermen. The number of videos you put out greatly depends on the kind and quality of content you're making. For me I want to be Jacques Cousteau. I want to make documentary films like him. There is no way possible to produce three videos a week...
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    Need Advice Should I Try and Learn A New Language?

    Well, I'm slowly learning Latin, but it's a dead language. Does it help my channel? Well, it's helping me as a person in my personal development. Personal development comes first. Learning Latin helps you learn faster. Learn a new language for your own personal development. It will indirectly...
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    YouTube Networks Investors & Sponsorship

    I'd go straight to Indegogo to help raise funds.
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    YouTube Help Sound deleted from video after publishing ?

    Oh, you watch Caleb? He has a great camera channel. (Don't mean to hijack the thread.) I could see how that would scare the mess out of you. I haven't heard any problems on my channel, but I guess YouTube being so big and complicated, there are always bugs like this popping up.
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    Need Advice What should be my next step after optimising my channel?

    Next goal is to crank out 1,000 videos based on all the optimization stuff you've learned.
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    YouTube News New Audience Retention Feature - Key Moments

    Oh, I hadn't even noticed that. Thanks for such a good find!
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    TubeBuddy Tips How to get 4000 watch hour

    Produce 4,000 clickable, watchable, searchable videos that capture and hold people's attention. Well, it doesn't have to be 4,000 videos, but 150 videos is where it starts. I would make it a goal to produce 1,000s. It takes a lot of work.
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    YouTube Tips How to get a lot of people to sub

    This. Once you know why, then it's easy to develop a how. Without a strong why, you're just chasing wind. The most revealing thing is the original post has nothing to do with the videos themselves. It seems to be chasing fame and glory only. Almost as if the videos are second in concern, that...
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    Let's count to 10,000 :D

    2601. Let's start counting by 10s! 2610?
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    YouTube Question almost there but not there!

    Fairly simple, you need another 100 videos on your channel.
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    Need Advice Growing channel

    150 is where it starts.