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Recent content by Gunjit

  1. Gunjit

    Answered Whats a promotion upgrade?

    You will be able to advertise your videos in the promotions tab
  2. Gunjit

    Question My Latest Upload Ranked #2 for one of my Tags but TubeBuddy had no Indication of this. Anyone else Experience this?

    It is going to depend on weather you are searching on incognito mode or the normal youtube
  3. Gunjit

    Question About forum badge

    Yeah it will, try checking out the trophies on your profile
  4. Gunjit

    Question Post of videos

    Yes I think you can
  5. Gunjit

    Question Keyword Tools Loading Forever

    Try clearing your cache, It might fix the problem and if that dosen't work try restarting your device
  6. Gunjit

    Paid promotion

    It depends on case to case and how the youtuber is working with the company
  7. Gunjit

    Question How do I use the TubeBuddy keyword explorer?

    Try checking out some video regarding that on youtube, It's better to look up videos than reading loads and loads of text
  8. Gunjit

    Question How tubebuddy helps us to acheive our goals

    youtube pe dekh le hum velley nahi hai
  9. Gunjit

    Question TubeBuddy Affiliate

    You will only get commission when someone purchases anything from tubebuddy and used your link to sign up
  10. Gunjit

    Question Regarding creating a 2 minute video about Tubebuddy and uploading it on YouTube

    Try messaging their support team, They will definitely sort this out
  11. Gunjit

    Question Regarding SEO score by TubeBuddy

    It can change depending on various factors, Such as if someone posts a video around that keyword and it messes up the ranking uk
  12. Gunjit

    Question Epidemic Sound doesn't work

    Try reaching out to tubebuddy's support team
  13. Gunjit

    Question Very New - Help on Name Picker

    Use the gotochannel extension on chrome if you want to visit the channels of your livestream viewers
  14. Gunjit

    In Progress 'TB SEO score - videolytics

    Just look it up on youtube, I'm sure there are some tutorials about the latter