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Recent content by sadriercan

  1. sadriercan

    Answered How i can transfer my licence to my other channel

    Hi, I had a channel before and it was closed. So i opened a new channel but i must transfer my tubebuddy licence to my new channel. I cant see this option in control panel
  2. sadriercan

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Seo score column in video list

    in your videos section (list view)
  3. sadriercan

    Camera Gear My Logitech G920, Old But Still A Great Camera

    c920 is very clear screen. I ordered C930e version from aliexpress. Im using Canon 600d but logitech is more clear than DSLR
  4. sadriercan

    Life on a Turkish Beach Farm

    Are u kidding! Im from Balıkesir too. Oh my god:) Are u in Balıkesir or Altınoluk - Ayvalık etc
  5. sadriercan

    Life on a Turkish Beach Farm

    Steve you must learn some Turkish words from yenge:)
  6. sadriercan

    Life on a Turkish Beach Farm

    Where are u living in Turkey:) Welcome to Turkey:)
  7. sadriercan

    Need Advice Why my viewers don't watch more than 1:56 minutes in my videos

    first you must analyze your video type. if its a tutorial, or how to or like this, it can be long as 10-20mins But if its another content you can limit the video avarage 5-10 mins. People get bored some long videos. Tip : If you share any tip in your video, you can share this tip through the...
  8. sadriercan

    Need Advice Once a DAY or Once a WEEK

    most used time for youtube is weekends. So u can share once a week at weekends.
  9. sadriercan

    Need Advice Convert your followers on insta to viewers then subscribers

    you can share a good video cover on instagram or social media. This can be effective.
  10. sadriercan


    Right point. But your subscriber type = your channel niche If u have a niche channel you will get subscibers who are related to this niche. If u have a global channel. You can get all kind of subsciber:)
  11. sadriercan

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Multi language keyword support

    Hi; I gues tubebuddy pulls data from Google Adwords for related keywords and search volume. But it takes and searches it in English language. As we know google has many domain extensions for country based search results. So in Turkey im using .tr entension and if my keyword is in Turkish...
  12. sadriercan

    Thumbnail Feedback Definitely spending a lot more time to think and improve my thumbnails

    Looks good. But a small suggestion is to add text right or left to the pic.