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    TubeBuddy Tips Are you a small channel that wants to earn revenue?

    Great article Shawn! I've never bothered about AdBlock and knew it existed but I do like to support creators wherever I can. I've certainly thought of those particular approaches above but I think one thing that's critical for people is to focus on one stream before delving into others. That was...
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    Huge Changes coming to YouTube!

    Like some people are indicating, I think it's important for people to realize that there are other options to earning revenue. As someone who somehow squeezed into the YPP program (I was with a network that gave it to me and then that network vanished from the face of the earth and I somehow was...
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    Need Advice Best place to find FREE royalty free audio

    One place that I go to to get music is a place called Bass Rebels. It is electronica, however there are other styles in there suitable for vlogs. Another place that I go to at times is and they have a much smaller selection but it's still decent.
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    Need Advice Has anyone paid to boost/promote videos on Facebook?

    I'm pretty familiar with marketing as well though I haven't personally used any Facebook ads to boost my reach. I know many marketers out there who post a variety of methods to get more likes, shares and so on on a variety of content. I haven't had much success with that but also again I'm a...