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Recent content by JoshKimche

  1. JoshKimche

    Let's count to 10,000 :D

  2. JoshKimche

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    View: https://youtu.be/xqxjOKvWR3k
  3. JoshKimche

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    My latest video View: https://youtu.be/Ud4HHZfDMPU
  4. JoshKimche

    Opinion Would you rather be too hot or too cold?

    I'm strange I actually love the cold! Hot I'm always too uncomfortable when in the cold I like the breeze
  5. JoshKimche

    Editing Software Bad quality screen recording

    Okay I'll see what happens with OBS
  6. JoshKimche

    Let's count to 10,000 :D

  7. JoshKimche

    YouTube Help Do i wait to upload videos?

    I've just uploaded when I finish them, sometimes a couple a week, sometimes once a week. In the early days of your channel I don't think you need to have a set upload day. I haven't built up a loyal fan base yet
  8. JoshKimche

    Other Social Media Using TikTok to promote YouTube Videos

    Good point, I've started to post on TikTok now in order to grow my channel. It's not something I really like but if I want my channel to grow I should just bite the bullet
  9. JoshKimche

    YouTube Tips Don't expect many subscribers until you have THIS many videos (strategic opinion)

    Great advice, really good to know. My 9 subscribes with 4 videos doesn't so bad
  10. JoshKimche

    Let's count to 10,000 :D

  11. JoshKimche

    Other Social Media Using TikTok to promote YouTube Videos

    Do you think TikTok is a good place to promote YouTube videos. I'm on the fence on one hand the fast traffic and short clips mean you could more likely be noticed, on the other it doesn't seem like the best place to have a susitbable audience
  12. JoshKimche

    Twitter I've Met Some Hardcore Twitter Users In Political Content Side Of Twitter

    There is a lot of toxicaity on Twitter. But I'm not sure about this cancel culture thing, I feel like its an exuse for racists, homophobes and sexiest to say what they like and cry about it when their challenged
  13. JoshKimche

    Thumbnail Feedback Feedback on my upcoming video's thumbnail about jerk pork tacos

    Too busy, and I don't like Emojis. I think like what others say maybe focus on the food more
  14. JoshKimche

    Need Advice Question about the new mid-roll ad policy

    I think changing it to 8 mintues is good, I've seen a lot of popular videos which are about 10 and 2 seconds long with just a minute of waffle in order to have the mid roll. I think most people are used to seeing adverts on YouTube, although its a bit strange where they can be placed, if seen...
  15. JoshKimche

    Need Advice Whats the #1 way you gained your subscribers?

    This is all great advice, would you suggest making a new Twitter or Instagram to promote your videos. Sounds stupid but with my anxiety I fear if post my videos with friends and family on Facebook, I might lose something or be judged by people I have to intreact with on daily basis i.e...