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Recent content by Yoni Arousement

  1. Yoni Arousement

    Life How does the pandemic affects you?

    The thing with the Gamestop near me is that it's a small store. If it were to still remain open, customers would have to wait their turn at the sidewalks or the parking lots before they can enter.
  2. Yoni Arousement

    Reddit Is REDDIT has a good platform in promoting videos?

    According to the analytics on a video I shared to a Subreddit, more of the views came from when I shared it to Drummitup and Game Jolt than on Reddit. Video promotion can probably depend on the Subreddit. What might work best is to have a build up within the community before sharing.
  3. Yoni Arousement

    Entertainment Channel My name is P e a c h y L e m o n / Zane, I make gacha videos!

    What are your hobbies or your biggest dream? Greetings fellow GachaTuber!
  4. Yoni Arousement

    Need Advice How Often Should You Add The Subscribe Button?

    I include the subscribe button on end screens for certain types of videos that I create.
  5. Yoni Arousement

    YouTube Tips Attractive Thumbnail

    The trouble I have with creating thumbnails is portraying what's actually in the videos, while keeping the text and character closeups large enough so that if one were to browse YouTube on their mobile device or whatnot, they would know what the videos are about.
  6. Yoni Arousement

    Sports Is anyone into Fishing?

    I caught only one fish in my entire life when I was a kid.
  7. Yoni Arousement

    Opinion Would you rather be too hot or too cold?

    I absolutely hate having to constantly rub my forehead when I'm too hot. And when it's too cold my skin dries up and lessens my ability to curl my hands into clenched fists.
  8. Yoni Arousement

    Facebook Let's talk Facebook

    The Facebook account I used to have most likely violated some of their TOS, such as not providing accurate information about my real life self.
  9. Yoni Arousement

    Facebook Let's talk Facebook

    The Facebook account I had got disabled within 9 months of creating it.
  10. Yoni Arousement

    YouTube Opinion Are we so "delicate" that we've scared people away from giving real feedback?

    These days, I rarely ever receive any sort of actual criticism on modern YouTube. More often than not I would delete generic comments including mere compliments/bashing. There's really no way I would reply to them besides thanking them.
  11. Yoni Arousement

    TubeBuddy Tips Are you a small channel that wants to earn revenue?

    Sometime last week, my channel somehow got approved for the YouTube Partnership Program, despite the huge ratio differences between views, comments and subscribers. I never intended to make money off YouTube, but there I am now. But there's at least one major problem: Prepaid cards aren't...
  12. Yoni Arousement

    Food Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream?

    Vanilla, Oreos and Cookie's in Creme are my faovrite flavors of ice cream.
  13. Yoni Arousement

    Gaming Nintendo Switch

    Good thing I bought a Nintendo Switch 8 months after launch. It still happened to be an early model, so I can enable homebrew on it. However, I do not like price gouging essential items like hand soap. I know it's high demand and all that, but jeez.
  14. Yoni Arousement

    Gaming Any good game suggestions?

    Try a party game called Doraemon Wii for Nintendo Wii on an emulator, it grants cheap YouTube views.