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Recent content by Juls

  1. Juls

    YouTube Tips Breaking 4k: Tips On Getting Your Watch Hours

    Thanks for the tips.. I will try to implement and see how it goes...
  2. Juls

    Channel Milestone 9000 Views!!!

    9000 views !!! I'm really thankful for all the little progress so far. It hasn't been easy but i will surely get there.
  3. Juls

    Channel Review Honest Channel Review

    Thank you for your honest review. I appreciate it . I will work on your suggestion as soon as possible.
  4. Juls

    Subscriber Milestone A very good week .

    Congrats Marie... The race continues
  5. Juls

    Channel Review Honest Channel Review

    Thanks for your review....I appreciate it. Yesterday, I took out time to change some of my thumbnails and make them better.. Still working on changing the other ones left. Then I also added tags as adviced by Roopali Bajaj above. I'm new so there's so much I'm still learning... Thanks once...
  6. Juls

    Channel Review Honest Channel Review

    Thanks for the review. I will look into everything you pointed out... I appreciate the advice..
  7. Juls

    Channel Review Honest Channel Review

    User name: Juls Title of thread: Honest Channel Review Self review: I just recently started a YouTube channel and I will live to have an honest review of my channel to know how and what I can improve on. For me , it has been learn as you go kind of journey and always like to seek advise on how...
  8. Juls

    Channel Review Should I stick to my niche even if there are multiple channels similar to mine?

    I think you should stick to it, if that's your passion. It doesn't matter how many people are doing the same thing.. Your uniqueness will make you stand out from the crowd... Just be yourself and continue to do what you do in the best possible way...
  9. Juls

    Subscriber Milestone 250 Subscribers !!!

    Thank you Yes... Thank you
  10. Juls

    Subscriber Milestone 250 Subscribers !!!

    250 subscribers mark crossed ... The race still continues... Celebrate your small wins !
  11. Juls

    YouTube Tips To Intro Or Not To Intro, That Is The Question

    Intros...but make it as short as possible for audience retention... Viewers may likely lose interest if it's too long or boring ...
  12. Juls

    Need Advice Whats the #1 way you gained your subscribers?

    I think the best thing to do is focus more on creating contents esp for small or will I say beginners .. It can feel very frustrating but I believe is slow and steady wins the race... Just continue doing what you know best, and you will get there.. I'm new on YouTube and I'm learning different...
  13. Juls

    Need Advice How Often Should You Add The Subscribe Button?

    I put the subscribe endcard in every video and also have just started putting a small subscribe icon that comes in every 5 mins in my video just to act as a reminder.. I just tried this in my last video and I think I will continue with it..