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Recent content by Matloob

  1. Matloob

    Vlog Channel hello everyone im glad to join the community

    well come tajise cooking tip do graet
  2. Matloob

    Gaming Channel Small youtuber Trying to get more viewers

    well come i like you channel
  3. Matloob

    Vlog Channel My name is phoebe celebre i want to join this group because to have a communication!!

  4. Matloob

    Answered Hi ! I am new here . Can anyone tell what's Forum Badge ? Why is it required ? How is it useful ? What to do to get one ?

    when you will post here 20 post you will get this bage ..then you can post your video in promotion area.. did this help is ok if u need any more assistence well come....please like if it is ok
  5. Matloob

    Gear Question Do you ever buy random pieces of cloth for taking photos on?

    very simple and easy take youe photo edit in photoshop with nice back ground
  6. Matloob

    YouTube Question How do you emotionally handle loss of subscribers

    Dont worry its ups and down process ...it happens in every business
  7. Matloob

    Entertainment Channel Long journey begins lets grow together

    your channel is great.......kids love it very much
  8. Matloob

    Music Channel Looking for collab with a lofi music channel

    your channel is great i love music
  9. Matloob

    YouTube Opinion Have you ever felt lost in ideas?

    yes offten it happend to me
  10. Matloob

    Twitter How do you use Twitter to gain traction on Youtube

    yes Twitter is amazing but you need to get fellowers for you contants