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Recent content by Gary L

  1. Gary L

    YouTube Help 1042-S

    Thanks. I'll just leave it as it is.
  2. Gary L

    YouTube Help 1042-S

    I received a 1042-S form from US IRS. I believe this is for the withholding tax for my YouTube monetization for non-US citizens. I am not sure what I should do with it or if this is just for my info. Any ideas?
  3. Gary L

    YouTube Help Watch time from subscribers vs non-subs

    Thanks for the info. Something to think about. I made a typo error. It's 3% from subscribers. :(
  4. Gary L

    YouTube Help Watch time from subscribers vs non-subs

    Hi, I mean only 3% of my views are from non-subscribers. Thanks for the video!
  5. Gary L

    YouTube Help Watch time from subscribers vs non-subs

    My watch time for subscribers to non-subscribers is 3% : 97% (sorry for the earlier typing error. I've edited the numbers. 3% are from subscribers) I am not sure what the average should be but 3% sounds low. I read somewhere that this means I am not providing enough value for viewers to...
  6. Gary L

    Subscriber Milestone It’s growing

    Congrats Uncle Momo. BTW, I just added a few more views to your channel. Nice videos.
  7. Gary L

    YouTube Question Subscriber count stopped counting

    My subscriber count stopped counting on Fri. Subscriber count for the last 2 days (Sat and Sun) are not reflected in YouTube studio. It's the same viewing from my PC and mobile. Anyone else has the same issue?
  8. Gary L

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Upload Scheduling

    A suggestion. I am suggesting that Tubebuddy include a feature that will help us upload videos based on our specified schedule.
  9. Gary L

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Upload Scheduling

    Hi I upload a few videos at a time and schedule them. I have a spreadsheet to keep track of the recently published dates and would continue my last uploads from those dates. In the "schedule" section during upload, it would be nice to have a calendar or list of my last few uploads so that I...
  10. Gary L

    YouTube Question Trying to understand

    "if someone watches your video via Facebook it may not count as a view on YouTube". Can anyone confirm if it does or does not count as a YouTube view?
  11. Gary L

    Video Research What do you understand from this Audience Retention graph ?

    I have a cooking channel as well and my retention graph looks like that also. i think its natural for viewers to watch the intro and decide that this is not for them and leave. I use to have a summary of the video as a hook then an intro before going into the step-by-step recipe. I've changed...
  12. Gary L

    YouTube Opinion How fast do you talk in your videos? Do you talk too fast? or too slow?

    I show my videos to my family members for "approval" before publishing. I had a problem with speaking too slowly and in a monotone manner. I think I have over-corrected recently. So I am always getting feedback. Its difficult to change the way I speak because that is the way I am. But I...
  13. Gary L

    Video Research YouTube Channel + website

    There are cooking channels (and other types of channels as well) where the content creator directs you to their website for the written recipe. Wouldn't it be easier for the viewer if the recipe is in the description instead? Many tech reviewers also have their web links in the description. How...