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Recent content by Steve the Barman

  1. Steve the Barman

    TubeBuddy I am LEGEND!

    And not just self-proclaimed this time! I've just upgraded to TubeBuddy Legend, from my the Star Level. So why write this Forum Post/Blog?? Well, it's not to brag, it's just to kind of share my recent findings over the last few months. I have been a Legend before, many months ago, probably a...
  2. Steve the Barman

    YouTube Question Do you have any rituals that get you pumped for filming and editing?

    Assuming all my Planning is done then... 1) Drink a good litre of Water 2) Go for a 5km Walk at a pretty decent pace to get the blood pumping 3) Put some decent Dance/Trance/House Music on through my headphones while walking - LOUD 4) Shower 5) Brekkie (it's about 12pm now) 6) Set up my Studio...
  3. Steve the Barman

    Answered Has TubeBuddy really helped grow your channel? how long has i taken to see results?

    Like anything in life, if you take the time to learn how to use it effectively if you invest your time into learning one new thing about TB...and actually YouTube...every single day, then a year from now, you'll be flying. If you just open the Tool, click a few buttons without the knowledge...
  4. Steve the Barman

    YouTube Question Number of Subscribers on YT Channel

    The front End of YouTube Rounds Numbers. so 980 Subs in your Analytics IS 1000 Subs on YouTube Channel Page. But also...1020 Subs on your Analytics is ALSO 1000 Subs on your Channel Page. YouTube Channels stopped showing specific data sometime in 2019.
  5. Steve the Barman

    Video Research Tags?

    As @Midas says, try to use Green as much as possible in those Tags. BUT, the caveat is, make them relevant. Sometimes I'll deliberately ignore some of the green tags because they are really not super relevant...so I'd rather focus on tags that will bring in the right traffic, as opposed to tags...
  6. Steve the Barman

    YouTube Opinion Watchtime hours are a JOKE!

    :joy: @Beanie Draws WOW. Aren't you just one of life's Dream Shatterers! :joy: About 1000 people who'll eventually read your reply will be thinking, "ah Sod this, 30k Subs and only $100...may as well quit now!" :joy: It is quite funny though. the Tubebuddy Plugin. I often look at other Channels...
  7. Steve the Barman

    Community Apps for Thumbnails

    It was just done in Canva. Nothing technical. It's my own personal Font that is specifically for my whole business Brand (as in; it's not available on any other platforms like word, canva, photoshop etc) then just make the box slightly transparent. About 80% I think
  8. Steve the Barman

    YouTube Question youtube video length

    There is no right or wrong... as @Travel Interesante said, it's all about your content. yes longer videos undoubtedly means more watch time, you're always going to get a few more seconds/minutes on a longer video than a shorter video, BUT, if that content is not strong enough to keep viewers...
  9. Steve the Barman

    YouTube Opinion Watchtime hours are a JOKE!

    LEG-END! Thank you. Hope you get some value. Videos going daily from today, just mixing it up for a few weeks (literally :joy: ) to see what happens.
  10. Steve the Barman

    YouTube Opinion Watchtime hours are a JOKE!

    Haha, nah I don't do annoyed! I'm a Cocktail Barman! I'm a lover, not a fighter! :kissing_heart: But throughout the various Forums & Groups I'm in, I see 10-50 people a day with the same story. People think YT life is easy. It isn't.
  11. Steve the Barman

    YouTube Opinion Watchtime hours are a JOKE!

    It's all fair! Every single one of us starts at 0. Zero Subs. Zero Views. Some people work, learn and want to continually improve themselves. Others expect to upload 10 Videos and magically end up with 1000 Subs and 4000 Hours. It's no different to anything in life! You want to run the...
  12. Steve the Barman

    Twitter How do you grow YOUR community on twitter?

    Following! In the UK, (and this will be a massive generalisation I know) but twitter isn't really a big deal here. We know that we can get breaking news or peoples opinions. BUT on a personal & business level, it's like the long lost distant cousin that emigrated 1990 and everyone has now...
  13. Steve the Barman

    YouTube Opinion Would you risk changing your channel name?

    I changed my Channel name about 2 years ago. If you do it right, then it can actually help you. See it as a "New Launch" if you want to do it. Hit Social, Make a new Video about it, etc etc. It shouldn't make any difference to ranking Videos. I've followed plenty of channels that have done it...
  14. Steve the Barman

    YouTube Opinion Watchtime hours are a JOKE!

    How about flipping your thinking? You're obviously driven by making Money and not the Viewer or the Game, so how about this... You obv CAN'T be monetised on Youtube with Adsense before 1000/4000. BUT. You can get monetised on Adsense. So why not start a Blog about your Videos. Embed the Videos...
  15. Steve the Barman

    Opinion Patreon--- How does patreon work.

    @BensTechLab .... Patreon - See it as a Membership Platform that your “Patrons” pay a recurring Monthly Subscription of varying amounts depend on what YOU set out. (I have 3x Tiers. £3pm / £5pm / £15pm) Ko-Fi - Stands for “Coffee” and is essentially an Online Tip Jar asking you fans to buy you...