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Trophies awarded to DrWho42

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    TubeBuddy User!

    Member has downloaded and installed the TubeBuddy Plugin!
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    Liked a great bit!

    You have received 250 likes on your forum posts!
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    404 Posts not Found!?

    You have reached 404 posts on the forums! Or have you? I can't find them.
  4. 1

    525,600 Minutes!?

    How do you measure? Measure a year?
  5. 1

    It's your Name Day!

    Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!
  6. 1

    Here to stay!

    6 months? Must be here to stay!
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    You have been here for a week, welcome!
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    Someone likes you!

    Someone on the TubeBuddy forums liked one of your messages!
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    YouTube Subscriber Button!

    Setup your YouTube Subscriber button on your TubeBuddy forum account!
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    Welcome to the community!

    Register for a TubeBuddy forum account!

TubeBuddy Title ladder

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    Decorated Poster

    Post 1,000 times on the forum! You've unlocked a six-month upgrade Message @Nody and @Stanley for your upgrade!
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    Experienced Poster

    Post 900 times on the forum!
  3. 1

    Esteemed Poster

    Post 800 Times on the forums!
  4. 1

    Reputable Poster

    Post 700 Times on the forums!
  5. 1

    Distinguished Poster

    Post 600 Times on the forums!
  6. 1

    Renowned Poster

    Post 500 Times on the forums! I would post 500 times, and it feels like I'll post 500 more.
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    Extremely Well-Known Member

    Post 400 Times on the forums!
  8. 1

    Very Well-Known Member

    Post 300 Times on the forums!
  9. 1

    Well-Known Member

    Post 200 Times on the forums! You're now eligible to be a Trusted User!
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    Known Member

    Post 100 Times on the forums! You've unlocked a 1-month upgrade! PM @Nody and @Stanley
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    Recognized member

    Post 75 Times on the forums!
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    Familiar Member

    Post 50 Times on the forums!
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    Active Member

    You've reached 20 forum posts!