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Recent content by TakeEachDay

  1. TakeEachDay

    YouTube Opinion Are you a cheap or an expensive youtuber?

    I use my iPhone 11 Pro and iPad Pro these were things I had to begin with so kinda expensive in one sense but necessary for me with my work so really I don’t think I’m an expensive youtuber. We have a very good camera tripod that is well worth it’s money. My son got a go pro for Christmas so we...
  2. TakeEachDay

    YouTube Opinion Are you planning to monetize your channel?

    Personally I think you sell yourself short if monetising on only youtube is your goal. I would look at any form of monetising as a means to formulate a business plan for your work what ever that is. I would hope as my channel develops I would be reaching higher goals than youtube monetising as I...
  3. TakeEachDay

    YouTube Help Sub for sub spam

    That’s great. I just write thanks for supporting my channel I’ll. Ensure to check out your channel at my next convenience. I do but if I don’t like the content or would watch it. I don’t subscribe. Often they then They will unsub which is fine with me as I would rather my subscribers to watch my...
  4. TakeEachDay

    Thumbnail Feedback What do you think is bad in this thumbnail

    Pretty much the same as others have commented. They wouldn’t pop out to me while scrolling through. Colours are wrong for grabbing attention. I will sometimes overlook photos for eye popping attention text. Text gets me before the photo. That’s just me
  5. TakeEachDay

    YouTube Help Sub for sub spam

    Yep I don’t want sub for sub as I feel it will hurt my channel rather that help it. Some that have subbed are people I would watch so I do. But I think it’s the sub scammers that are mostly annoying they are clearly recruiting people for others to ask sub for sub. I was just so unaware at how...
  6. TakeEachDay

    YouTube Help Sub for sub spam

    You’re lucky it drives me crazy especially if it’s porn sites they slip through every now and then
  7. TakeEachDay

    YouTube Help Sub for sub spam

    Is it usual to be inundated with sub for sub type stuff when you’re a new channel? I have a constant let’s be friends, I subbed to you please return the favour. New friend hope you’ll do the same. It’s really stressing me out. I’m thinking I should just ignore them. There is so much of this on...
  8. TakeEachDay

    Need Advice Whats the #1 way you gained your subscribers?

    I’m not so concerned with subscribers. Don’t get me wrong I’m greatful for them. I want watch time as it shows my content is ok and not something I need to bin stat. I often find in the early days most of them consist of sub for sub channels and I don’t really want those ones I want loyal...
  9. TakeEachDay

    YouTube Help so many topics in one channel, Bad or Good?

    My channel is similar but I do try to tie in all The differences to the topic surrounding autism. Nothing wrong with different topics if doing so is easy for you and not making you stressed having your hand in too many pies. It’s also a great way of developing you’re final niche
  10. TakeEachDay

    Thumbnail Feedback 500th Subscribers milestone My next thumbnail do you like it?

    Well done on 500 subs I’m hoping to reach this milestone by the end of the year. Thumbnail look good
  11. TakeEachDay

    YouTube Question Are you starting a channel for the money?

    I started youtube to help my autistic son with social skills and educate people that autism is not always what you think it is. Yes money would be nice however if that’s your only reason then be prepared for disappointment because this is not an easy platform to just get money on a trend. Trends...
  12. TakeEachDay

    Thumbnail Feedback What do you think

    I’m finding the text is hart to see it’s perhaps the font? I kinda get you’re a gamer and that is a pixilated text. Maybe pick a particular item and have one photo. I find lots of pictures or busy pictures get lost in the crowd. So if it’s about consoles pick one console picture and have that be...
  13. TakeEachDay

    Vlog Channel Hi im new to YouTube and still thriving and still having trouble with it and i just love making videos but currently i don't know what content describ

    Welcome and all the best getting good advice for your channel. This is a great place to get your questions answered. Most of all have fun. It took me 4 mths to work out what my channel was going to be about. Just keep making and someday it will click and evolve
  14. TakeEachDay

    YouTube Tips Views are picking up but Subs are not, here's my plan

    Fantastic plan. I also get a lot of views in fact I got 500 in one week but my subscribers didn’t change much however it’s difficult for me to know if some of my subscribers have left as I only have mobile apps which limit my ability to see what’s actually happening. When I started I was going...
  15. TakeEachDay

    Channel Milestone 3000 views

    Thankyou I have noticed since starting TubeBuddy and optimising videos plus advice on here about thumbnails and channel direction thing have gotten so much better. Such invaluable advice and amazing people who freely give up information for the bettament of all and I for one am very very thankful