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Recent content by Ricksreview

  1. Ricksreview

    Thumbnail Feedback thumbnail help

    This is a free way and easy way, but there are other ways, I actually use a software I bought in conjunction with this method.
  2. Ricksreview

    Beauty Channel Hi everyone!

    I would love to travel as well.
  3. Ricksreview

    Educational Channel Help serve the community ' at the max ' with our current knowledge

    I am conflicted, I am not sure what link to click on as it was posted twice...lol
  4. Ricksreview

    Vlog Channel Caravaning channel

    Hello and welcome.
  5. Ricksreview

    Life Hey how is your day?

    Everyday I get to wake up, is a good day ;).
  6. Ricksreview

    Answered can I use TubeBuddy for 2 channels?

    As far as I know no... the pro or premium abilities, no, not unless you pay for the license for both.
  7. Ricksreview


    lol, you might want to re past your link and do the "sub" button.
  8. Ricksreview

    TubeBuddy How did you find us at Tubebuddy?

    Well my brother-in-law told me about TB a while back, but I discovered this forum by pure mistake, and I like it here.
  9. Ricksreview

    Educational Channel Fine Art from Listenwave Photography

    What questions do you have?
  10. Ricksreview

    Entertainment Channel Producing cinematic automotive content with my Canon and Sony DSLR

    The video is clear and looks pretty professional.
  11. Ricksreview

    Technology Channel Hi everyone! Welcome to my nerdy tech channel

    I like your channel and sub, this is my kind of stuff... :D