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Recent content by Office Mystic

  1. Office Mystic

    YouTube Tips Is a stupid face on your thumbnail necessary to get lots of clicks?

    The question made me laugh. I just can't take a pic of myself with my mouth gaping open, so I have a caricature do it. :)
  2. Office Mystic

    Answered Tubebuddy thumbnail

    I tried using the Tubebuddy thumbnail generator, but the Tubebuddy analytics dings it for not being HD. I haven't noticed a way to upgrade it.
  3. Office Mystic

    Thumbnail Feedback New thumbnail style after long hiatus

    I've been away from my channel for ages and decided to take it up again and have a more consistent brand in my thumbnails. The first bunch on the channel were consistent but a little boring, and then I went nuts with the randomness. What do you think of this style? I understand a real-life...
  4. Office Mystic

    Editing Software Best Video Editing software/apps

    It depends on the content. I enjoy using Camtasia 2019 (2021 isn't working great for me) for my Microsoft Office tutorials. The software is easier to use than DaVinci Resolve, but it doesn't have as many features. I use WavePad to modify the audio if necessary.
  5. Office Mystic

    Answered Change Username

    I would like to change my forum name from Historian Wannabe to Office Mystic, please. Thank you.
  6. Office Mystic

    Channel Review More than 100 videos on the channel, but no views

    Also, misspelling the acronym in the tag might help. I remember someone mentioning you might get traffic from people who are misspelling the search term.
  7. Office Mystic

    Channel Review More than 100 videos on the channel, but no views

    I visited your channel, and I like the concept. I especially liked your "Cyberspace City Ambience." The only thing that jumped out to me was your audio level. I had YouTube volume and local speakers at max for it to sound average; it would normally be unbearably loud in that setting. I...
  8. Office Mystic

    Official How do I promote in the "Promote Yourself" Section - Get Your TubeBuddy Forum Badge

    My profile pic doesn't look exactly like the sample, but I guess things may have moved around over the years.