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Recent content by JessBookgirl75@gmail

  1. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Subscriber Milestone 230 subscribers completed

    Congratulations! Jessica
  2. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Subscriber Milestone Just Hit 1000 Subscribers!

    Nice! Keep up the good work! Jessica
  3. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Music What are you listening to?

    I am currently listening to my favorite 80's heavy metal band Ratt. Jessica
  4. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    YouTube Question What's your Channel Niche ?

    My channel is anything about reading. Now, I started a section where I visit Little Free Libraries. Jessica
  5. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Question TB SEO Score

    I noticed that when I watched one of my videos, that there was a TB SEO Score. What is it? How does it work? Jessica
  6. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Food Favorite nonalcoholic drink?

    I love water, especially hot lemon water I drink in the mornings before breakfast. Plus, I am a coffee freak LOL! Jessica
  7. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    YouTube Help View time

    My watch time seems to be good. Jessica
  8. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    YouTube Question Playing Music In The Background

    I might do a video on how I met the guitarist from my favorite 80's heavy metal band. My question is: could I play their music low in the background without having to get the copyright rights? I don't want to cause problems Jessica
  9. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Life What is your favorite dish?

    It is a breakfast item. Jessica
  10. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Gaming Channel Hello!!

    Hello! Jessica
  11. JessBookgirl75@gmail

    Life What is your favorite dish?

    I love the potato sausage and egg hero from my local pizzeria. Jessica