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    TubeBuddy Suggestion Add Subscriber Count Next to Account Names Everywhere

    I like this idea also. I agree it is one area where TubeBuddy is behind the competition. Especially when doing keyword research from right within YouTube, it would be nice to easily see how many Subscribers my competition for that keyword phrase has.
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    Work In Progress Amazing Feature Request Idea

    I really like the Social Monitor tool in TubeBuddy. I have been able to find some people who shared my YouTube videos on Twitter but did not tag me in the tweets. What I don't like is that I have to search the Social Monitor one video at a time. It would be awesome if there was a bulk Social...
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    TubeBuddy Suggestion Awesome Feature Request Idea

    I would like to request a bulk comment export for all the videos on your channel at once. If you had this you could easily sort it and organize it, to see who has left you the most comments on your channel. It would be awesome to easily be able to see the top supporters of my channel. Currently...