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    In Progress Tubebuddy Mobile Doesn't Recognize Tubebuddy License

    Hi Tim, Sorry to hear you hit this issue. I just made an update to your account that should fix it. Please try signing out of the app and signing back in. Once you do it should show you as upgraded, but if not please let me know. Thanks! Jim
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    Answered Getting Random Giveaway from Tubebuddy App

    Ah that totally makes sense! For the news articles we just load their site in the background, so if they have a popup it's going to look like an ad. Nice detective work :cool:
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    Answered Getting Random Giveaway from Tubebuddy App

    Cool thanks for the list! Another one besides Tweet2gif that seems suspect is Vlogger Go Viral. Some of the reviews talk about the constant popups and ads and it does seem like it would be targeted towards YouTubers. I guess if you see the ads again if you could check your phone for which apps...
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    Answered Getting Random Giveaway from Tubebuddy App

    My guess is that another app you installed is always running in the background and when TubeBuddy is launched it hides/kills the real TubeBuddy and runs it's own app. If you do see it happen again, please let us know. Also if you get a chance it'd be good to get a list of apps you have...
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    Answered Getting Random Giveaway from Tubebuddy App

    Hi @Breakie can you send a screenshot of the app store for this. I'm pretty sure this isn't our app and am wondering if there's an impersonator out there using our name. I'll search too and let you know if I find it. Thanks!
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    TubeBuddy Suggestion Improve Mobile App Performance

    Hi SanjeelSunny, thanks for the suggestion. We've got some updates planned that should help with what you're looking to do. As far as performance, which screens/parts of the apps are slow for you? And are you running 2.3.1 the latest version on Android? You can the version by looking at the...
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    In Progress Tag Issues on Mobile App

    Lol I did enjoy my weekend, thanks! I completely agree with your view on life. It's fun to put in an hour here or there on weekends, but most of the time is for family & fun. Alright the new release is out, version 2.3.1. If you upgrade to that, it should fix the issue you're hitting. If it...
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    In Progress Tag Issues on Mobile App

    Hi Stanley, Glad to hear the reinstall fixed the tags not displaying issue. As for duplicate tag rankings, I'm able to recreate the issue now. I'll plan to get a release out this weekend that fixes it and let you know when the update is available. Thanks!
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    In Progress Tag Issues on Mobile App

    Hi Stanley, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, it's been really busy the last couple days. I checked the logs and didn't see any recent errors related to your channel. I also was able to load your channel on a test phone and did see tags that changed for each video. So it seems like...
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    Work In Progress Mobile App Canned Tools and Hearts.

    Hi Beanie, To answer your questions: 1. There is a way to use canned responses. If you're on iOS you press and hold on a comment in the list and your canned responses should pop up. On Android if you click the 3 dots on the right of the comment in the list it'll give you a context menu to...
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    Answered TubeBuddy Mobile isn't matching with TubeBuddy Browser Extension

    Hi Ken, sorry you're hitting an issue with scores. When we launched the new Keyword Explorer (in the browser plugin) a few months back we made some updates to the calculation we use to score keywords. As part of the updates we included more factors in the calculation of the scores to make them...
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    Forum News New Moderators and Forum Changes! Tubebuddy Forum Update 03/29/2019

    Welcome and thanks for helping out!!
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    Answered Unable to register

    Alright I fixed the issue and was able to register a test account without any issues. Please ask your friend to try again and let us know if they still have an issue with it. Thanks again for letting us know!
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    Answered Unable to register

    Thanks for reporting the issue! I think I see the problem and should be able to get out a fix tonight or tomorrow. I'll send an update when I do...