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Recent content by StarrSales

  1. StarrSales

    Answered Why does my badge keep disappearing?

    My badge that shows my channel and subscribers keeps disappearing. Why is that?
  2. StarrSales

    YouTube Question is it true your first 100 subs is the slowest

    I feel like I am lost in the ether. I have 23 subs in StarrSales (my reselling channel) and 2 on the Wordsmith, LLC (resume preparation channel) Please feel free to have a peek and subscribe. Thanks
  3. StarrSales

    Official How do I promote in the "Promote Yourself" Section - Get Your TubeBuddy Forum Badge

    Hi, I have posted the required screenshot several times yet I still cannot access this area. Am I missing something?
  4. StarrSales

    Other How to promote on facebook and how to make one for my channel!

    I made a Facebook page and then posted my YouTube videos to it. It is a slow start but it is starting to pick up.
  5. StarrSales

    Need Advice Requests for a Shout-Out

    I don't write things that say that their channel is my savior, but I do tell them I appreciate their hard work because I know that running a channel is hard. I have two-remember? YouTube does prohibit spam but they do not prohibit these requests. Spam has always been subjective to the receiver...
  6. StarrSales

    Need Advice Requests for a Shout-Out

    One of the lessons I have learned as I have gotten older is that nice girls don't make history and that, to quote Eleanor Roosevelt, it is easier to get forgiveness than get permission. What a world we would live in if people looked more often from their ivory tower and said a few nice words to...
  7. StarrSales

    Need Advice Requests for a Shout-Out

    Good morning all! I have two YouTube Channels and want to get people to notice. Right now I have 20 subscribers for one and none for the other. Other creators have talked on their videos about other channels and how good they are and recommended their subscribers go to that channel to see for...
  8. StarrSales

    YouTube Opinion Owning More Than one Channel

    I do have two separate licenses. Thanks for the information.
  9. StarrSales

    YouTube Opinion Owning More Than one Channel

    What does a person do when they own two very different YouTube channels? I have a reselling channel and I have a resume preparation channel. Do I need two separate accounts here on You Tub Buddy?