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    YouTube Question Question about reposting creative commons videos?

    I am considering starting a secondary YouTube channel dedicated exclusively to redistributing creative commons videos. The questions I had about that was this... When you repost a video that was originally listed as a creative commons, are you required to relist it as a creative commons as...
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    YouTube Question Question about tags?

    Ok, so I'm not sure the best way to put tags into my videos? Like I don't know if I should use "ios game" or "ios games" or both, or if I should keep it even simpler to "game" or "games" etc.? Some people have said tags aren't too important. Some have said too many can have you labeled as...
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    YouTube Question Question about "show more" section

    Ok, so I feel like no one ever actually tends to go to the "show more" section. I have a few links that I copy and paste in there for other resources and ways to find me. I have read conflicting information about this though. Some people say they have a cut and paste "show more" related to...
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    YouTube Question Posting Top Competitor Names in Tags???

    Oh, well thank you for all the information. I really appreciate it.
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    YouTube Question Posting Top Competitor Names in Tags???

    One thing to add though as far as it being "deceptive," I don't believe it is. I mean if people are searching those channel's names, it means they are looking for the type of content they create. So, by putting those names in as tags, you are simply letting others know you make that same type...
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    YouTube Question Posting Top Competitor Names in Tags???

    Thanks for the info guys. I made some other modifications to my tags, and came to the VERY harsh realization that when you change tags on old videos, it absolutely kills their rankings. It was an absolutely horrible mistake and a harsh lesson on my part - if old videos are successful, DO NOT...
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    YouTube Question Posting Top Competitor Names in Tags???

    Ok, so I am fairly new in the niche for my channel. There are already some well-established competitors out there. I considered putting their channel names in my tags, so that when people go looking for the type of content those channels make, it might bring up results from my channel as well...
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    YouTube Help YouTube Monetization Process a Train Wreck?

    Thank you. It seems like I had linked an Adsense account to the account months back, and maybe that was a part of my problem. I don't know, I didn't have any way of even seeing what Adsense account was linked to the account. The whole thing was just extremely confusing and frustrating.
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    YouTube Help YouTube Monetization Process a Train Wreck?

    Ok, so I finally got approved for monetization today. I was SO excited. All I had left to do was to setup an Adsense account for it. When I tried to, Google redirected me to YouTube to set it up, while YouTube was redirecting me back to Google to do so! After a while of running back and...
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    Need Advice Same Channel, Various Topics?

    Ok, so I originally wanted to make my channel about relationships and making money. However, due to a suggestion from a friend, I ended up getting into making videos for a game. Seven months later, that content has me over 1,000 subscribers, even though I work a full-time day job and didn't...
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    YouTube News What is the Typical Minimum Amount of Subscribers Needed to Start Affiliate Marketing?

    Good to know, thanks. So, I guess it just depends on the company then. I reached out to five, and of those five, not a single one reached back out to me. The problem is they do have a loss if you make no sales for them, as the ones I reached out to were supposed to have a rep get back in...
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    YouTube News What is the Typical Minimum Amount of Subscribers Needed to Start Affiliate Marketing?

    Ok, so I recently started a YouTube channel and am very much interested in affiliate marketing. However, I am wondering how many subscribers do you typically need to build up prior to companies wanting to do affiliate marketing with you? I only have a small handful of subscribers currently, so...
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    YouTube News How Picky Are Companies With Affiliate Marketing?

    I would imagine that most companies love the notion of affiliate marketing to get themselves additional promotion. However, I have applied for affiliate marketing with two companies recently and have not heard back from either. I don't have much content yet, but have years of experience as a...
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    YouTube News When YouTube Monetization is Enabled, Does the Minimum Quota Get Shared Amongst All Your Channels?

    Nevermind. I found the answer myself. Realized I needed to monetize the second channel as well. When I did, in the policy, this is exactly what it says: "You can apply for monetization at any time. To be reviewed, all channels need at least 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and...
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    YouTube News Questions About Tags and Video Titles in Search Engine Results

    Have a few questions regarding tags, video titles, and how the search engines (both YouTube's and other external search engines) pull up results from YouTube's videos: 1) With tags, does the tag have to be an exact match to what they searched for to have the best results? If it doesn't have to...