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    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    I have always strongly believed in the law of attraction. The law of attraction states that like attracts like. In other words, you manifest into your life that which you focus on. Your thoughts become reality. I have decided to go back to using the law of attraction as part of my recovery from...
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    Thumbnail Feedback Which Style Looks Better?

    oh yes! It's probably the most important part of the upload as it contributes to SEO
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    Thumbnail Feedback Which Style Looks Better?

    I honestly like them both but if I had to chose I would say the second one x
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    Taking Magnesium For Depression

    I have recentlyI have recently discovered that magnesium can ease the symptoms of depression and insomnia within weeks. I have started taking mine and I can't wait to do the update video in two weeks. View:
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    Opinion Favorite Social Media Besides YouTube?

    Sometimes Twitter and sometimes FAcebook
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    Channel Milestone 30 uploads

    Congratulations! It's quite an acheivement..
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    Other Milestone 30 Videos!

    Thank you! Much appreciated... Thank you. I seem to be getting more motivated with each video. It's awesome..
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    Entertainment Channel hey guys!

    Hey Jessica! Welcome to the forums. I've been here for about a week so far. It's a really warm and welcoming community. You will love it here.
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    Vlog Channel Mental Health Awareness Month!

    Thank you for the welcome :) I also started out with a blog but now I find doing videos is easier for me lol..
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    Please Watch My New Mental Health Video!

    Hey mental health warriors! In todays video I talk about depression and getting out of your comfort zone in order to speed up your recovery process. View:
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    New Video!

    Thank you for watching