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    Life How do you stay positive?

    I stay 'positive' because I know making videos and content creation is something I enjoy, and I'm in it more for the journey now than the numbers. I've met so many great people, discovered I have a thing for networking, and have recently been invited to join in with a new multiplayer series of a...
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    Gaming Channel youtube Collab

    They said 'fortnite'
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    Gaming Channel Minecraft SMP Series w/ a bit of lore looking for people to join us

    Hey, so this isn't my own project but I have joined up with it, so I'm sharing the application video here... >.>; We're purposefully seeking SMALLER YTers to come have some fun with us. Despite the 'lore' I don't think we're going to be sticking too rigidly to a story, it's just there as a...
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    Gaming Channel Hi everyone

    Welcome. :)
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    Beauty Channel Vlogs

    Hey there. Good luck with your vlogs. 13's the age I first got onto the Internet. :)
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    Gaming Channel Suppose I should introduce myself...

    I joined originally to comment on a post about the plugin having some issues with corruption... but I suppose I should join in here properly. ^^; Hi there. My name is PredictedCyborg but I generally go by Cyborg or Cy. Little Welsh cyborg. As you can see from the tag... I'm a gamer. Yes...
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    In Progress Keyword Explorer Issues with Chrome OS

    Forgive me for making an extra post, but I've something new to add. Curious thing. I've reinstalled the extension after the last corruption but haven't signed in with the Youtube account I use it for yet. The extension has not yet corrupted, it's been about a day and a half and it usually goes...
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    In Progress Keyword Explorer Issues with Chrome OS

    Well I reinstalled it yesterday just before I posted my message to the forum so I think it should have been the latest version, and it's already re-corrupted itself this morning. :x I did hit 'Repair' as opposed to removing and reinstalling the extension though. Interesting thing is that...
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    In Progress Keyword Explorer Issues with Chrome OS

    Registered just to add that I too have this issue and have been having it for a little while now. Think the first time the extension 'corrupted' was during the last 'big' break I took from YT - somewhere between March 17th and April 8th. It was fine before then and was corrupted when I came back...