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Jayy T M

Hi everyone, I am a father, veteran, and unemployed at the moment after a car accident my little family and I been in. As a result, I lost my job that I had just started and pretty much being without a vehicle for so long could not get my position back. Due to both my legs being constantly in pain, I really find it hard to work a laborious job I once was doing. It makes me so depress that I feel this much pain and no one will understand what I'm going through. So I took the time to start building my channel and learn more about building a brand. To fight my depression after losing my dream of staying a soldier in the Army, feeling leg pain constantly everyday, and not being able to do things with my son like I want to. I decided to keep myself busy since my therapist said its healthy for my mind. I vlog about working on my car and going to car meets to stay positive because doing those things really keep me exhilarated to live. As a result of making videos and being so exhilarated to see the views come in and people saying how some of my videos are entertaining, I been working on my brand "xillerated".
Jan 9, 1993 (Age: 29)
Las Vegas, NV
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