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Recent content by Hamiltonville Farm

  1. Hamiltonville Farm

    Answered Publish to facebook option not working.

    Tubebuddy, I once was able to use the "publish to facebook" option from the syndication tab drop down menu in youtube studio for a particular video. Now every time I try that , i get an error message. I have my facebook and tubebuddy linked and there have been no changes to any of my accounts...
  2. Hamiltonville Farm

    Subscriber Milestone 15,000 Subscribers

    We just hit 15,000. Posted first video on 22 Nov 18.
  3. Hamiltonville Farm

    Video Review Channel Trailer!? Is is good or not?

    I wouldn't subscribe to you after you called me a b^tch. If you are looking for sponsorship in the future, my assumption is most businesses don't like foul language. Other than that, it was a decent trailer. fast paced.
  4. Hamiltonville Farm

    Answered SUB COUNT in TB

    To update, I also get N/A in my channelytics on my laptop.
  5. Hamiltonville Farm

    Answered SUB COUNT in TB

    User name: Hamiltonville Farm Title of thread: SUB COUNT in TB Request Type TubeBuddy Mobile Android or (Apple) IOS? Android What version of TubeBuddy Mobile? 2.3.1 Explain your issue: I lost 7 subs in my count last night....I know sometimes Youtube does that, however the sub count on...
  6. Hamiltonville Farm

    TubeBuddy Tips What is your channel's value proposition?

    Being a retired military guy, I call it my vision statement. I know what it is in my mind, and I tailor my videos to my niche, hobby farming, but i haven't written it down. I need to do that.
  7. Hamiltonville Farm

    Official How do I promote in the "Promote Yourself" Section - Get Your TubeBuddy Forum Badge

    still saying I need a badge to post in Promotion area? Mine was supposedly updated a few days ago. Any advice?
  8. Hamiltonville Farm

    Lifestyle Channel Hello from Florida

    we love our little mini potbelly pigs. They're so adorable. Thanks for the welcome!
  9. Hamiltonville Farm

    Lifestyle Channel Hello from Florida

    still trying to learn the weighted vs unweighted to my advantage. I think once i understand "how" to use it effectively it will help me. I understand the data, i just dont know how to apply it yet.
  10. Hamiltonville Farm

    Lifestyle Channel Hello from Florida

    I heard about tubebuddy as I researched how to make my channel better. my favorite tool is the keyword explorer. Really helps a lot.
  11. Hamiltonville Farm

    Lifestyle Channel Hello from Florida

    Hamiltonville Farm is a hobby farm in NW Fl. Our channel's niche is hobby farming, tractor work and farm/barn animals. Thanks for the add. Looking forward to learning from the group.