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    Video Review Channel Trailer!? Is is good or not?

    I wouldn't subscribe to you after you called me a b^tch. If you are looking for sponsorship in the future, my assumption is most businesses don't like foul language. Other than that, it was a decent trailer. fast paced.
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    Answered SUB COUNT in TB

    To update, I also get N/A in my channelytics on my laptop.
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    Answered SUB COUNT in TB

    User name: Hamiltonville Farm Title of thread: SUB COUNT in TB Request Type TubeBuddy Mobile Android or (Apple) IOS? Android What version of TubeBuddy Mobile? 2.3.1 Explain your issue: I lost 7 subs in my count last night....I know sometimes Youtube does that, however the sub count on...
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    Need Advice Optimization red/yellow/green scale on keyword explorer

    I'm confused on the optimization strength scale on the key word explorer tool. What throws me off is the little explanation that pops up when you hover over the question mark it reads : This number represents how well the top ranking videos are for the search phrase. if they are not well...
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    TubeBuddy Tips What is your channel's value proposition?

    Being a retired military guy, I call it my vision statement. I know what it is in my mind, and I tailor my videos to my niche, hobby farming, but i haven't written it down. I need to do that.
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    TubeBuddy Tips LIVE!

    you bet! we did another one tonight. and we had 30 in the room again but Ive gained subs, i'm 1138 today. I had a few pop in that weren't in our niche, so to speak and didn't stay long. but you are 100% correct in keeping it focused!
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    TubeBuddy Tips LIVE!

    We did our first live stream last night. We have 1085 subs, 30 people showed up and I got 23 hours watch time. I thought that was good for our first time. We went for 1 hour. I think I may do that again to get those hours up to reach the 4k hours threshold. It was a lot of fun too.
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    Channel Milestone 1k

    I subscribed to a fishing lure channel by a guy on here and all of the sudden my channel grew :) I like your channel a lot.
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    Channel Milestone 1k

    Just hit 1k tonight! super excited. Couldn't have done it without TubeBuddy!
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    YouTube News channel art

    I'll hit you up about it when I get some time. thank you.
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    YouTube News channel art

    My logo is a circle. I've tried to resize it, different file types, etc. and I still cant get it to fit into the defined space for the channel art banner. anyone make channel art banners?
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    Official How do I get My TubeBuddy Forum Badge?

    still saying I need a badge to post in Promotion area? Mine was supposedly updated a few days ago. Any advice?
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    Good job. I heard about you through some other channels. Love your channel. Not surprised by the view count :)