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Recent content by RazzBarlow

  1. RazzBarlow

    Audio Gear Should i spend my money on a microphone?

    Ask yourself this simple question: Have you ever stopped watching a video because the audio was inaudible or just annoying? The better experience you can create for the viewer, the longer they will stay on your videos. And watch time is king on YouTube. Nothing wrong with filming on a phone...
  2. RazzBarlow

    Educational Channel Genealogy on YouTube?

    Welcome to TubeBuddy! Some great people here as well as awesome tools.
  3. RazzBarlow

    Educational Channel Professional Magician Sharing Advice and Tutorials

    Welcome to TubeBuddy! Lots of good people and some great tools here. Nick Nimmin is responsible for a lot of people coming here, me included! He's a super nice guy in person as well.
  4. RazzBarlow

    Thumbnail Feedback Thumbnails BEFORE AND AFTER

    I like both of your "after" thumbnails. I think they're eye-catching and make me want to click on the videos. Great job!
  5. RazzBarlow

    Vlog Channel I am a new u tuber

    Welcome to TubeBuddy!
  6. RazzBarlow

    Lifestyle Channel Who am I? Intro to Linda

    Welcome to TubeBuddy! There are some good people and some awesome tools here.
  7. RazzBarlow

    Mobile Gear does anyone else use their regular phone to record videos, what do you use for good liting,

    There are lots of lighting solutions, LED and otherwise. Some cheap, most not so cheap. Some are even very compact and could be easily used with a cell phone. There is a free source of perfect lighting that is available on most days, it's the sun!
  8. RazzBarlow

    Lifestyle Channel Hey guys!

    Welcome to TubeBuddy!
  9. RazzBarlow

    Community Channel Our YouTube channel can posts any video of any kind of channel

    Welcome to TubeBuddy. Take advantage of some of the wisdom and great tools available on here.
  10. RazzBarlow

    How-To Channel Am wynie,a content creator

    Welcome to TubeBuddy! Great people and some awesome tools here.
  11. RazzBarlow

    Entertainment Channel Editing - Montage - Channel

    Welcome to TubeBuddy! You'll find lots of knowledge & experience here and some great tools.
  12. RazzBarlow

    Vlog Channel LGBT MARRIED COUPLE ,pranks challenges, dog moms cars,bikes,vlogs

    Welcome to TubeBuddy! Make yourselves at home, you'll enjoy it here.