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Recent content by Stanley Orchard

  1. Stanley Orchard

    Need Advice How much do subtitles matter?

    I edited captions and translated a large majority of my videos to two dozen languages last year. After a solid year of this my traffic from the US is at 83%... which kinda tells me that I saw a 17% uptick as a result of making my videos consumable for an international audience.
  2. Stanley Orchard

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Generator that pulls tags from your competitors

    Oh no... I am afraid I do not like this idea. A large part of the value of keyword explorer is finding those gem tags that noone else is using. A keyword needs to cater to my content and I am not copying their content... why would I want to copy their keywords?
  3. Stanley Orchard

    Question I have purchased a license for my channel. But nothing changes to my video, what's wrong!

    In order to help we need to understand what it is you are looking at. What changes were you expecting and what specifically did you do? We need details in order to assist.
  4. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Tips This Simple Trick Can DOUBLE Your Keyword Ranks!

    There are a couple tricks... never give a statement that offers an 'out.' Saying things like; 'Thanks for watching...' 'So THAT is the [insert thing the video is about here]' 'And there you have it...' You first need to eliminate these types of social cues. They only serve to let the viewer...
  5. Stanley Orchard

    How-To Channel Just being me

    From one Texan to another welcome to the forums!
  6. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Question Is this allowed on YouTube?

    Oh my... lol I did not even see that. Now I feel the need to write my own FU doctrine! @Damon
  7. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Opinion What is your biggest STRENGTH as a creator?

    Seeing outside the box... weird 'skill' but it allows me to see creative camera angles, come up with different ideas (for what is often the same fishing trip over and over lol) and take a different approach to things than people normally do.
  8. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Question Is this allowed on YouTube?

    This is an issue of Fair Use. There are rules regarding what you are allowed to do and what you are not allowed to do (that is all covered in the video that SILTHW posted above). But understand, this is how Fair Use works regardless of whether your use actually falls under the FU Doctrine: If...
  9. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Question Who is facing the January slump?

    Definitely. I took the month off; filmed a series at the end of December and Im using January to really guve it a good treatment in everything from editing to SEO and promotion. Gonna hit the ground running in February
  10. Stanley Orchard

    Need Advice I'm using recommended tags but I am still not ranking high in search.

    Yeah you definitely want to research higher ranking tags. That will make s huge difference.
  11. Stanley Orchard

    Video Review Long and detailed videos feedback (in this case, Copyright Law)

    I don't know what to say... I got nothing. Couldn't criticize a single element of this video. Loved how stacked the information was and the telling of the back and forth with the BBC. It's really cool seeing this through your eyes. Yeah, the Casey walkthrough concept may have been a cool...
  12. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Question Tại sao Youtube đánh giá kênh lâu vậy ? khi kênh đã có tài khoản google adsense rồi

    Why does it take too long to be turned on when making money when Youtube requires registration for a google adsense account? There are a LOT of people applying for monetization every day. They have to spend time reviewing these channels. You need patience; there are plenty of things to get...
  13. Stanley Orchard

    Need Advice Video Ideas

    I suggest seeking inspiration by watching others and then following their lead. It helps to keep the topic relevant towards a particular keyword ohrase for search sake (this is a grest practice to get into). And then just run with it. See what happens!
  14. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Question Has the algorithm suddenly changed?

    The 'algorithm' doesnt cater to any specific length of video. It does however pay attention to several watchtime metrics. What is happening for you is that you are garnering more watchtime than the competition and it is gaining you favor, plain and simple. While the obvious idea here is 'if...