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Recent content by Stanley | Team TB

  1. Stanley | Team TB

    YouTube Tips YouTube Reality Is Painful

    @Damon absolutely nailed it... the more your channel can reach a general audience the more views you'll get. Unfortunately too we have to deal with some real high-contrast seasonality. Fishing peaks hard in July and August, I see explosive growth in these months... at least when I am actually...
  2. Stanley | Team TB

    Answered Does cancelling to prevent auto renew only cancel at the end of your paid up period?

    Cancelling your license will cancel the next billing renewal; you will retain access to TubeBuddy until the end of this billing cycle and you won't lose anything except possible discounts/pricing differences) should you decide to renew after the license expires.
  3. Stanley | Team TB

    YouTube Tips YouTube Reality Is Painful

    Preach. Especially these days. Views during the pandemic were explosive and my numbers were going crazy. I didn't realize what was happening at the time and just thought I was on a natural growth tangent. Then 2021 set in, and I am back to my 2019 numbers. That hurts. It feels like the...
  4. Stanley | Team TB

    YouTube Tips How to grow YouTube channel & get good number of views as well as subscribers?

    A good place to start with this question is right here! https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/43617/
  5. Stanley | Team TB

    YouTube Help Is Tubebuddy a good way to improve my channel ranking?

    Yup... I got a few things to say about this lol. Here we go: Is Tubebuddy a good way to improve my channel ranking? Nope. TubeBuddy will not improve your channel ranking. However, the TubeBuddy software will give you insight into a lot of information that allows you to make educated...
  6. Stanley | Team TB

    YouTube Question the Best upload for video daily or what ?

    The algorithm doesn't care how often you upload. What matters is that you have a consistent schedule for your audience to anticipate your posts and that you are physically capable of honoring this schedule for years to come. Your focus should be on your content quality, not how many videos you...
  7. Stanley | Team TB

    YouTube Tips A different way to start a new channel

    Oh man that guy sounds awesome, never heard of him but I will definitely check him out! And yeah, you absolutely should take advantage of the affiliate links with the boat... there is a lot of opportunity available with that and an active, under-served community of people looking for your...
  8. Stanley | Team TB

    YouTube Tips A different way to start a new channel

    We have a couple guys in our fishing/hunting community who also do boating project and how-to videos... and as much fun as it may be to film a fishing video the views that come with these project videos blow their vlogs out of the water. It's an underserved niche.
  9. Stanley | Team TB

    YouTube News BREAKING: YouTube Shorts Monetization Early Announcement for 2023!

    Man I kinda liked this update! Is it tough, absolutely. Like, ridiculously tough. So tough that I can easily say I have NEVER once encountered an unmonitized creator who has met those requirements. But I'll be honest (and yes, probably a little salty); I see a lot of ultra-sensitive...
  10. Stanley | Team TB

    YouTube Question How much to charge to do a video product review?

    Hey!!! Nice!!! Congratulations sir that's awesome!!!
  11. Stanley | Team TB

    Thumbnail Feedback How to do Clickable Thumbnails inside a video -- Not Infocards

    Would you mind providing a screen-share video of these clickable thumbnail elements? I am happy to look into this but I have no idea what you are referring to.
  12. Stanley | Team TB

    YouTube Opinion What If The Goal Is To Just Make Money?

    Hey fellow outdoorsman! Don't know if you'd be interested or not but we have a great community of hunting/fishing channels... if you'd be interested in a community of like minded creators send me a DM and I'll give you a link to our Discord and some other resources.
  13. Stanley | Team TB

    YouTube Question Why did my channel suddenly tank?

    Suggested traffic comes from when your video is aligned with another video and you manage to get a lot of people switching over to your video from this suggested play. When this occurs on a more popular video you will see a swell of traffic from that. Typically when this occurs the traffic...
  14. Stanley | Team TB

    Gaming Horror games (All recommendations & tips/suggestions are welcome!)

    I watched a few videos on the Backrooms, seemed pretty popular. Of course I am a huge fan of the Forest (and there is a highly-anticipated sequel due early 2023). I heard The Complex: Found Footage was good too.
  15. Stanley | Team TB

    YouTube Question What category would my Youtube channel be? I sit in the car talking.

    I would put this in the People and Blogs category... though it could also fit in the Automobile category. This is not a big decision; these categories no longer play into the YouTube Search and Discovery Systems and they are not really used for video indexing. So don't feel like there is a...