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Recent content by Stanley Orchard

  1. Stanley Orchard

    Channel Banner Feedback How important is the YouTube banner art?

    People dont always go to your channel page. But when they do it is important to put your best foot forwars and have a professional, subscribable presentation for them.
  2. Stanley Orchard

    Need Advice Low impressions

    yeah I agree with Brave and I second his sentiments. Most of the time your impressions will never be higher than they are when you first publish. Then they drop. The bigger you get the more you'll begin seeing a baseline amount of views for some videos, i've attached an example of this. But on...
  3. Stanley Orchard

    Question YouTube has deleted mine subscribe

    It is not uncommon to lose subscribers, though that is more prevalent when you do sub 4 sub. Your focus early on shouldnt be about sub counts as much as it should be on making great content!
  4. Stanley Orchard

    More views than subscribers

    Yes sir... I'm consistently 90% non versus 10% subscriber and I try to keep it that way
  5. Stanley Orchard

    More views than subscribers

    thats a good thing! More views than subscribers means YouTube is sharing out your content and/or people are rewatching it. That is exactly what you want!
  6. Stanley Orchard

    loosing subscribers

    Yeah I'm afraid there are multiple issues that can cause you to lose subs, expect it to be a regular thing.
  7. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Question Am I in the wrong niche?

    yup yup @Kari B has the right idea! You should really focus solely on making that first 100 videos (20 at a time!) while ignoring the external nonsense. Just make videos. Focus on making them better. Every twenty videos evaluate what's working. Do that for your first 100 and you will be in a...
  8. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Question Am I in the wrong niche?

    it is going to take time for you to master best practices, learn what your audience likes and grow that audience. You will need patience.
  9. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Tips Why rush for monetizing [tips for those wanting monetization]

    I wholeheartedly agree with this, though there is one other thing i believe should be considered. The big dream is to do what you enjoy, make YT videos and 'get rich' off that. That is the big flaw in the rush to get monetized. Now, there are ways to make money... REALLY good money if done...
  10. Stanley Orchard

    Need Advice How quickly should a sequel be released

    If you have material for it you should go ahead and run with it while it is fresh. Later when you have a larger subscriber base and/or a consistent line of traffic there will be other things to consider. But for now its a good practice to make videos as consistently as possible and try as many...
  11. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Question Sharing ghost story

    Welcome to the forums ma'am! I'm not big on ghost stories, I feel like it diminishes your credibility lol. That having been said I have experienced ghosts and I have zero explanation for it!
  12. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Question Which email should I contact if I have trouble with YouTube?

    Yeah Ive seen far faster responses on Twitter, thats my go to. Also helps to retweet others requests (kindly)... if you ever need to get in touch it's nice to have people who help you out.
  13. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Tips Sub 4 Sub: Why It Should Be Avoided

    Appreciate the positive contributions here. You have to understand, we all have different plans, ideas, goals and capabilities here. And for some (more than you'd think) they simply want the clout of having big numbers of subscribers. I've seen channels with 3,000 subscribers and 0 videos. You...
  14. Stanley Orchard

    Question Is tubebuddy's promotional area useful?

    There have been several channels that I subscribed to as a result of the promotion area... and that subscription alone means very little but since I'm subscribed and see them here on the forums I am more apt to being excited about subsequent posts.
  15. Stanley Orchard

    YouTube Question Declined monetization

    YT is goofy about Affiliate links, but that shouldnt be a direct reason to deny monetization. If they are pointing at TOS i would have no clue what the issue is. Without diving directly into your work behind the scenes it is hard to guess what the issue is; your videos are original, clean and...